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Workflow for an approval process

24th August 2015

As one client described it, the approvals process involves a guarantee that the photography being used has been agreed by all parties and is current.

Workflow for an approval process

However, a feature of approval processes is that they are all different, because everyone has their own ideas for what they need, and no doubt all of them are seen as perfectly valid for each of their circumstances.

As a result of this, things are sometimes made far more complicated than they need to be, and this article suggests one way in which a simple approval process can be very easily set up on the iBase digital asset management system.

Setting up a simple approval process – step by step

  • Decide which users or groups of users can review and approve items, and give these users permissions to review items and make them generally visible as required.
  • Decide which users or groups of users must have their items approved before they are made generally visible, and give those users permissions to upload, but without permissions to make items generally visible.

And that’s all there is to it!

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