So, your new digital asset management (DAM) system is all up and running. You’re ready to start boosting your business’s productivity and reap the rewards of having a centralised repository of files. But no one actually knows or understands how to maintain and make the most out of the DAM.

The solution? Having a dedicated digital asset manager can keep things running smoothly and avoid wasting time and money fixing simple issues. What exactly does having a digital asset manager entail, though? Keep reading to find out…

What does a digital asset manager do?

Simply put, a digital asset manager is responsible for all things digital assets. From the effective naming of specific files to the maintenance of a management system, a manager can take care of it all. Essentially, an asset manager acts as a librarian for digital assets – organising, archiving and storing all your company’s digital files.

While a digital asset manager is responsible for keeping tabs on the management system, they are also in charge of how employees, and even the public, can access, use and interact with the files.

Do I need a digital asset manager?

If your business manages and uses a sizeable digital asset management system, then chances are, you’ll benefit from a manager. This is especially important for larger companies and organisations, who have several departments and many employees accessing the system.

Having a dedicated digital asset manager ensures that nobody can access files they shouldn’t be, and each department within your business can access the files they need. A digital asset manager will act as a bridge between departments, providing useful information for any issue with digital assets.

How do I choose a digital asset manager?

Generally, most companies hire someone with experience or knowledge in the field of technology to be a digital asset manager. A manager will need basic technology skills and an analytical mind along with a keen eye for detail and good project management skills. But other than that, anyone can become a manager, with the right training.

iBase’s DAM training, for instance, can give any employee a full and in-depth knowledge of how to properly maintain and make the most of your digital asset system. This training isn’t just about learning to use a DAM system but providing help and guidance to aid in the management of digital assets.

From brand asset management to federated searching, you can learn everything you need to know on an iBase training course. So, businesses can upskill existing members of staff rather than going through the rigmarole of taking on new employees.

Manage your assets with iBase

iBase’s online training, alongside our professional digital asset management software, will provide your business with everything you need to boost your business. All our DAM systems are hosted on Amazon AWS infrastructure, so you have complete peace of mind about the protection and security of your files.

Any questions? Feel free to get in touch with our expert team.

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