Have you ever considered how your digital assets could work harder for your business? A great way to utilise them is by selling them online for others to use.

Digital assets are used by millions of companies worldwide. However, not every business has the resource to hire photographers to capture every campaign or stock image for their site. In this instance, they purchase imagery based on their needs.

Selling images online is straightforward, and there are a number of avenues you can use to create a new sales funnel. Below, we take a look at some of the common ways to make money from images online:

Submit images to stock photography websites

A popular place to find imagery is via stock photography websites. These are huge catalogues of digital assets that you can upload your library to. As competition on these sites is pretty high, you’ll need to upload a lot of images to start making extra cash here. It’s also vital to include relevant keywords on pictures to ensure users find them.

There are numerous stock photography sites to utilise, including iStock and Shutterstock.

Sell on your own website using DAM software

A simple way to take control of image sales is by utilising digital asset management (DAM) software. Here, you can easily access your digital assets and arrange them into collections specifically for sale.

DAM software integrates an online shop of your digital assets, such as photos, videos, products and documents – basically anything you want to sell. Just like an online store, the interface is user-friendly, and payments are taken online via debit/credit card or online payment software such as PayPal and WorldPay.

In addition, software such as iBase’s DAM features includes a licensing model, which allows customers to buy imagery on a rights-managed or royalty-free basis. This you can charge customers based on a flat fee or on a usage basis.

License your imagery on external sites

Licensing your digital assets is another way to make money online. Rather than customers buying imagery on a royalty-free basis, these sites sell your assets based on usage. There are numerous legal and pricing aspects to consider with this option, and you’ll be paid a percentage of the usage charges.

However, it’s pretty simple to set up initially, and your assets are reviewed before being approved for licensing. The most popular image licensing sites are Getty and Flickr.

Sell your digital assets online with iBase

Taking control and managing the sale of your digital assets is simple with iBase DAM software. This feature-rich ecommerce module can be tailored to your business needs and supports different ways of selling images online.

Our software includes royalty-free and rights-managed licence options, multiple currency and payment types, and automatic order fulfilment once a purchase occurs. In addition, you have peace of mind your assets are secure and accessible at all times.

Want to find out more about selling imagery online? Contact us today and book a free one-to-one demo.

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