Does your business struggle with its digital media assets? With photos, videos, audio files and graphic designs on the go, it can soon get overwhelming. Cluttered files, confusing folders and limited storage are just some of the problems you might face.

If this sounds familiar, there is a simple way to avoid these issues. Look no further than a Digital Asset Management (DAM) system.

This type of storage system allows you to store and organise large quantities of digital content, which can help reduce mistakes whilst saving you time and money.

The benefits don’t end there though. Keep reading for reasons why DAM can help your small business thrive…

1. Improve organisation

Any company will have a makeshift digital storage system in place, but how well is it working? Could it be better?

One of the major benefits of DAM is the ability to streamline and organise your digital assets in one centralised location. That includes images, documents, videos and audio.

With DAM software, you can cut out the stress by arranging, comparing and archiving your assets. By managing everything into one secure catalogue, with technical and descriptive metadata, you can easily search for the appropriate content.

2. Save time

DAM systems are great time savers. As this software is integrated seamlessly into your existing workflow there’s no need to halt proceedings. And it’s easy to get your head around, with no training required.

Because everything is stored on one manageable system, anyone granted access can easily find organised content. So, the simplicity and effectiveness of DAMs mean your employees can save time and cut down on admin.

3. Scalability

Want a system which grows at the same rate as your company? Then take a look at DAM software.

With cloud-based DAM you can rely on a system which grows to meet your data requirements, whether that’s 100 or 10,000 digital assets. As your company expands you also have control over users, access and editing.

4. Cut down on costs

Cloud-based DAMs require no extra expenditure on hardware as it’s all in one easy-to-use online environment.

Minimise potential problems, with fewer errors, less admin and lower production costs. Overall this saves you money, letting you fund other areas of your business.

5. Company consistency

Organised and effective DAM software also allows you to deliver a more consistent tone and brand with your digital content.

All users will have access to current materials, meaning people will be able to avoid duplicating content and using out-of-date formatting, branding or content.

6. Security and protection

Another major benefit of DAM systems is the security and protection it offers users. The risk of losing digital assets is cut down drastically as the cloud offers an extra layer of security if your server goes down.

The risks associated with sensitive data and licenced agreements are also reduced, as you are able to restrict who can see and edit certain files. This protects your company from copyright infringement and security breaches.

Talk to a DAM expert

At iBase, we specialise in cloud-based DAM. With our feature-rich software, you can cut down on time and costs, letting you concentrate on the important stuff. Our friendly team are on hand to offer comprehensive user support at no additional cost.

Sound good? Get in touch today and find out how we can help your business better manage its digital assets.

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