Modern businesses are constantly supplying content to their customers, clients and employees. From ad campaigns to client contracts and everything in between, your company may be getting overwhelmed with the amount of content it needs to manage.

The more content your business has to manage, the greater the risk of an inconsistent brand message. Whether your business is large or small, you can very easily veer off course, often without even realising. While you may not notice this inconsistency right away, it won’t be long until your sales start to reflect this unclear brand message.

To help you combat risky brand inconsistency and take your business from strength to strength, we’ve created a handy beginners’ guide to brand consistency…

Double check everything

Inconsistency often becomes a problem for brands as the team grows and ideas get distorted along the way. Think of it like a game of Chinese whispers, with the business owner or manager starting the chain. By the time it reaches the last employee, the message could be completely different to how it started.

That’s why it’s so important to keep your staff in the know with your core values – as well as having all branding material double checked before it goes out. Quality checking may have been easy in the beginning, with one person signing off on everything. But as your business grows, and your time becoming increasingly valued, the job must be passed on.

With clear brand guides, this couldn’t be easier. Simply run a team member through your key values and messages, ensuring to properly explain what your company is looking for and leave them to double check all files before they go out.

Properly organise all files

Without consistent organisation of all your company’s files, brand guides, ad campaigns and company records can easily disappear into the mass of files in your storage.

By using a digital asset management (DAM) system, you can ensure all your assets are stored correctly. This will make it much easier to retrieve files as and when needed. It also allows staff to keep up to date with the latest branding guides, with authorised access on any device.

Can we help?

A cloud-based DAM platform can eliminate the risk of lost assets, reproduced files and inconsistent branding. At iBase, our DAM systems are designed to help improve brand consistency with ease.

With an unlimited number of users, access restrictions for certain metadata tags and easy-to-use email collections, you can share your brand guides with all employees and ensure that all material sent out is the latest version.

For more information about our services, don’t hesitate to get in touch with our team.

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