Digital content has become a permanent feature of modern life. With remote and hybrid working on the rise, access to what is needed, when it’s needed and by everyone who needs it is an essential component to running a successful business.

So how can you achieve this? Before we talk about the solution, let’s have a brief look at the challenges agencies face with their digital content…

Challenges in a digital world

  • Keeping track of files – Even a small agency can have a multitude of files and data that need storage and management. Long gone are the days of keeping sensitive information in locked filing cabinets. As everything is digital, so too are the challenges of knowing where to find the right information on your network.
  • Keeping track of different versions of a file – Keeping the history of a file in a comprehensive, easily accessible way is a major challenge. With a number of people working on the same file and creating different versions, producing a coherent result can be difficult.
  • Access to a file for everyone who needs it – Ensuring that everyone has access to the information they need can become a logistical headache. Working collaboratively isn’t possible and deadlines aren’t met if information sharing is limited.

How digital asset management provides solutions

  • Tracks all digital assets conveniently – Keeping all your data in folders that are centralised means that you can easily search for information and retrieve it quickly. You are also able to use hot or watch folders that will automatically watch for new content and add it immediately to the correct location.
  • Effective distribution and sharing of files – Sharing large and varied data through email is no longer an effective or practical way of working. A digital asset management system provides a seamless medium of interagency collaboration, which will make information sharing much more effective in turn.
  • Ensures brand consistency – If all users store and share their creative content in one system, everyone will effectively be singing from the same hymn sheet, allowing for consistency and clarity with brand strategy.
  • Cloud-based 24/7 access – Eliminating the need for affording and maintaining your own servers and storage systems, a cloud-based DAM is an attractive option. Users can access information 24/7 and from whatever device or location that suits them.
  • Improves long-term preservation – It has become essential in order to protect the longevity of your brand values, to ensure your digital assets are preserved. Using digital preservation alongside a digital asset management system will protect your agency’s heritage for decades.
  • Decreases security risks – Your sensitive and important data can be open to the risk of being lost or stolen. DAM systems incorporate robust security through a permissions framework, giving you complete control over who has access to your digital assets and metadata.

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