Graphic designers will know the joys of the job, from ideation to creation and working with forward-thinking teams to bring marketing concepts to life. However, alongside the positive aspects of design life, there are also challenges, especially when it comes to file organisation and accessibility, and this can eat into precious design time.

So, what’s the solution?

DAM software offers an ideal opportunity to streamline the design process and removes the need to manually share assets. Below, we look at how it can help graphic designers and the teams they work with.

What is digital asset management (DAM) software?

Graphic designers create numerous digital assets for hundreds of campaigns and projects. But if you’re still manually sharing files, DAM software steps in to bring you a central access point to all this data.

It’s vital that designers and creatives have a single source or hub that can be referred to avoid unnecessary disruption from the job at hand. With this tool, you can organise files, get access to up-to-date variations and share assets all within one space.

Why is digital asset management vital for designers?

There are several reasons why graphic designers should utilise DAM software:

Organisation and accessibility of files

There’s nothing worse than being constantly interrupted for the latest versions of files. With DAM, you don’t have this issue. Files can be organised and structured effectively to ensure everyone that needs the data has access to it quickly.

Design-led interface

It’s essential to showcase digital assets in the best way, and DAM software such as iBase helps you do just that. This tool is user-friendly, intuitive and design-led, so it makes your creations shine in the best light.

Integration with popular design tools

DAM software integrates seamlessly with a range of graphic design tools. So, there’s no need to download from one system to upload onto another.

Collaboration made easy

This software enables teams to streamline workflows better as DAM provides collaborative tools to give feedback on digital assets. There’s also the option of submitting designs for approval, and this makes working remotely or with freelancers more manageable as everyone has visibility.

Sharing large files

Digital assets are often substantial in size, making sending via email or external file transfer software challenging. With DAM, you don’t have this problem, and a simple message to the team to tell them everything is ready ensures they don’t download large files unnecessarily.

Access to the latest file versions

DAM software enables graphic designers to save the latest versions of assets, and this ensures teams only see up-to-date variants, so there’s no need for confusion. There’s also a handy feature in iBase DAM software that detects if files have been changed and ensure users are aware of before using old variations.

A must-have tool for designers and creatives

Want to streamline your graphic design process – iBase is here to help. Our software is the ideal solution for organising, accessing and sharing files and is simple to use. Contact us today to find out more or for a free demo.

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