If you are looking for ways to improve your business, one of the key things to focus on is your brand. A true brand extends from your core values to the way in which your employees promote your business and how your business is perceived by your customers.

But does your company have a solid brand identity, or do you currently only have a brand image?

Not sure what the difference is between the two? Read on to find out all about it and discover how digital asset management (DAM) can help you and your employees hone your brand's identity and keep in line with your core values.

Brand identity vs brand Image

If you're not sure what the difference is between brand identity as opposed to brand image, the distinction lies in perception.

Brand image

In essence, brand image is the way your company is perceived by your customers. It consists of all of the associations the public has with your business and your products or services, based on the image you have projected and what they may have heard or experienced.

Sometimes, people may have an idea of your brand image without ever having bought your product – for example, someone who has never bought a Volvo may still associate it with staid reliability, due to advertising or the opinions of others.

As you can imagine, brand image is not always within your control. It can change rapidly depending on the public information customers can find about your business, or the word of mouth they have received from people who have previously bought your products or services.

Brand identity

Brand identity, on the other hand, refers to the way you want to be perceived by your customers. It's tied in with your actual reality and how you operate as a company. Your values, logos, trademarks and your daily business and intentions are all tied up in your identity.

As a result, building up a strong brand identity is vital, as it will help your company to become more memorable and more credible. It will help you to gain a solid customer base who share your values and feel a sense of recognition and belonging to your brand and everything it stands for.

How investing in DAM can help bolster brand identity!

While your marketing campaigns, products, and employees all help to project and espouse your brand identity, internally, your business also needs help with tying everything together and assisting your employees with keeping up a consistent image.

Sophisticated DAM software is incredibly useful in this respect, providing a single platform where all of your brand's files, promotional materials and other important digital assets can be easily stored, edited, downloaded, and shared. You can also use your secure and high-functioning DAM platform for ecommerce.

Give DAM a try today

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