Digital asset management (DAM) is a powerful tool for almost all businesses. It helps you store, organise and retrieve files with ease. This is especially useful for marketers, who manage an abundance of files and assets on a daily basis.

From easing client relations to saving time on projects, there are a number of ways in which DAM can help with marketing. Keep reading to discover some of the biggest ways your marketing team can benefit from implementing a DAM platform...

Reduce time wasting

Most of marketers' day-to-day tasks involve emailing clients and chasing up missing items or information. With a DAM system, the need for a middleman is almost entirely eliminated. You can simply grant access to your DAM system for clients and point them in the direction of the files in question for them to take a look for themselves.

Without having to chase up certain images, documents or files, your entire team can work collaboratively with ease. If one person is working on the logo and another on the text, for instance, these two teams can collaborate easily without having to spend unnecessary time searching for files or mistakenly using the wrong documents.

Improve work quality

By using your DAM to educate staff and partners on key customer values and brand guidelines, you can improve your work quality, ensuring that all work adheres to a certain standard. This avoids customer disappointment and lengthy redrafts or reworks.

Most DAM platforms come with an integrated reporting system, letting users know who has accessed their files and who has made certain edits. This way, if any unauthorised or unexplained edits have been made, you can track the author or editor instantly and ask them specific questions or request certain changes.

Find images with ease

Money spent on stock images can stack up very quickly for marketing companies. With different clients having different needs, you may need unique images for each project. However, there are some instances where existing images can be reused.

Rather than heading online to purchase an image that you may already own, you can search through your image library quickly and easily identify any similar images that would work well on future campaigns. It's also easy to track usage rights, meaning you're unlikely to use unauthorised files and face repercussions for using the wrong images.

DAM experts

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