Digital asset management (DAM) was created to unlock the true value of your assets by housing them in a centralised repository. While the original premise of DAM hasn’t changed much over the years, its uses and abilities have developed massively.

But what’s next for digital asset management? Keep reading to discover the future of DAM and how you can keep up…

Expanding across businesses

When DAM was first rolled out to businesses in the early 90s, the primary target was marketing teams and creative agencies. These groups handled the bulk of a company’s digital assets, so they needed the platform the most. However, as DAM has evolved and continues to evolve, we expect to see the system spread across all areas of business.

There is a clear need for different teams within a company to have access to all kinds of files and folders through a DAM system. For instance, the legal team must access content to make sure the company is compliant with regulations and guidelines, while the sales team needs to use digital content to boost sales by directly distributing content to potential clients and partners.

Becoming a digital experience

Rather than simply providing a storage and retrieval facility, DAM is starting to become a comprehensive experience. With the introduction of machine learning, AI and automation, content continues to develop and become more dynamic – and DAM must keep up.

We predict that DAMs will continue to adapt to provide an overall digital management experience for the user, offering users the ability to move content through omnichannel delivery and adapt responsively to various devices.

Moving to the cloud

While many DAM systems are already cloud-based, more platforms are shifting to cloud-based hosting as the internet becomes more crucial to day to day business. With this comes a range of benefits, not least the removal of the burden of in-house servers.

A cloud-based DAM allows you to make the most of the latest cloud innovations, such as automatic tagging and regular updates. You can also expand your business seamlessly with a platform that grows as you do, adding extra space and features to cope with any new assets or users.

Make your DAM your own

Even the best and most advanced DAM systems may not meet your business’ needs entirely. That’s why we predict a future of customisation and configuration to make sure each and every DAM platform suits the company it is used within.

The future of DAM is flexible, so you aren’t restricted by decisions made at set-up, and new features and storage space can constantly be added to make sure your business is benefiting the most from your DAM.

Keep up to date with iBase

Whatever the future has in store for the world of DAM, iBase is constantly adapting to stay at the forefront of the industry. We’re ready for whatever comes next and are here to guide your business through the constantly changing systems.

For more information about our cloud-based DAM platforms, or to discover how we can help your business to grow, get in touch with our team today.

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