Does your business use a multitude of large files and struggles to store them? Is your storage system constantly running out of space? Perhaps your digital asset management (DAM) system or file storage platform simply can't handle large files?

If you find yourself repeatedly having to clear out your DAM system to make room for new files or can't save a certain file as it's too large, it may be time to make a change. A good DAM system allows users to store a range of file formats and sizes. No matter how large the file is, your DAM should be able to handle it.

Storing large files

When it comes to your DAM platform, size certainly does matter. Companies and organisations that need a DAM system typically need a high amount of storage for a range of files. Creative agencies, for instance, may have small word documents as well as large video files that all need to be stored in the same place. A good DAM system allows you to store a variety of files with ease.

Cloud vs. On-premises

Another key factor when determining the best DAM platform for you is whether the system is hosted online or on-premises. A cloud-based system will grow naturally over time, with updates being carried out automatically as and when they are released. In short, you will always have access to the latest system.

More importantly, a cloud-based DAM system provides seamless scalability. The platform will grow as your business does, allowing more space for larger files as and when it's needed.

Sharing compatibilities

It's one thing for your digital asset management system to be able to handle and store large files, but can you share those same files across all platforms?

A good DAM system will offer the ability to integrate your system across different software and platforms. Large businesses often use multiple types of database, with each one having different storage capabilities. You need a DAM system which can integrate and share files with a range of database types.

iBase can help

At iBase, we understand the need for digital asset management software to be completely compatible with the files you're storing, retrieving and using. Our systems can handle any type or size of file, to keep your business running smoothly at all times.

Whether you need to store numerous small files, a few large ones or a mixture of the two, our system makes it easier than ever to store and retrieve files with little effort. Our cloud-based software will also automatically create multiple versions of your file once it's uploaded. Whatever the format, size or compression level that you require, our systems can create the file for you.

Begin the journey towards better business management today with iBase's professional digital asset management software. Simply get in touch with our team of specialists, outline your requirements and we can take care of the rest.

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