Why should I invest in digital asset management (DAM)? That’s the question almost every CEO, manager or business owner will be asking when they’re considering the switch. Fortunately, we have an answer. In fact, we have several – thanks to a DAM report by Adobe. Read on as we look at six statistics about DAM that you simply can’t ignore.

1. 34% increase in productivity

According to respondents in the survey, DAM reduces the time spent searching for assets, streamlines the review and approval processes and makes collaboration with external parties much easier. It even improves visibility into the status of projects. All of that combines for a 34% increase in productivity on average.

A massive 97% of businesses have seen productivity increase by 10% or more, while 34% have seen an increase of at least 40%.

2. 28% cut in asset creation costs

Companies in all sectors put lots of time and money into asset creation. Unfortunately, those assets are often underused as employees can’t find them or don’t even know they exist. Over 3 in 5 (64%) of organisations reported that, without DAM, different employees or teams would be working on the same thing at the same time, resulting in a duplication of effort – wasting both time and money.

However, with DAM organisations have seen a 28% cut in asset creation costs. 76% of respondents said it removes the difficulty of finding assets, which results in better asset reuse and reduces the number of assets that are unused after being created. It also avoids any duplication of effort.

3. 23% reduced risk

Is risk a problem for your business? It needn’t be with DAM.

On average, DAM-using organisations found a reduction in risk of almost a quarter (23%). That includes the non-compliant use of licenced content, unapproved use of assets or your own intellectual property being leaked or stolen. A massive 86% of organisations reduced risk by over 10%, while 18% of respondents have reduced risk by more than 40%.

4. 24% increase in revenue

Best of all, from a decision maker’s perspective at least, DAM increases revenue. By increasing productivity and accelerating time to delivery, DAM provides an average 24% increase in productivity. That breaks down into 79% of organisations increasing revenue by 10% or more with 21% seeing a leap in revenue by over 40%.

5. A quarter of DAM users are external

It’s becoming increasingly common for businesses to work with external agencies, whether that’s for marketing, finance or even recruitment. Fortunately, that’s another area where DAM can help. According to the survey, a quarter of businesses’ DAM users were from outside their company, on average.

Having DAM access made it easier for those external users to retrieve assets, edit them and contribute assets of their own. Businesses can tailor access to those assets so external users can only see and edit certain files.

6. You can try it for free

Okay, not quite a statistic. But it’s still something you can’t ignore. At iBase, we offer a free Express account, with 1GB storage, one active account and unlimited view-only accounts. you can try out the software and see the benefits for yourself. There’s no time limit and absolutely no obligation. Get in touch today to get started.

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