Uploading your files into iBase is as simple as drag and drop, with support for any type of file, automatic keyword tagging, duplicate file detection, multiple versions, watch folders, watermarking and embedded metadata import.


iBase has a number of powerful editing features that enable you to easily manage your assets – both in terms of the descriptive metadata associated with them and their progression through your preferred workflow.


The powerful searching facilities within iBase ensure that you can always easily find your assets, whatever the criteria. Functions include free text, field, taxonomy and geolocation searches.


iBase has multiple download options, including specifying the size, format and compression of files, granting or restricting access to file versions and bulk downloading via browser or export folders.


Sharing content with other users in iBase is easy and secure, and files can also be shared with various online platforms and other applications.


Using collections, you can organise your content for a multitude of purposes, including collaboration, exhibitions and granting ring-fenced access to internal or external users.


Using a series of item states, items can be progressed through whichever steps are most appropriate for your business workflow (for example, incomplete, active, restricted, expired). These item states can also be used to control the visibility of items.

Editing Page Content

iBase has a built in page content editor, which can be used to manage static content pages such as home page, contact us, about or any additional custom pages which you might want to add.

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