With the incredible advancement of technology which has taken place over the last two decades, particularly in areas such as ecommerce, digital asset management is now overwhelmingly on the rise. More and more organizations are sharing, editing, downloading, and managing their assets digitally, often using the cloud in order to store vast amounts of data.

However, as with any innovation, there are a few things you should bear in mind if you decide to embrace digital asset management for your own organisation. Read on to discover four important dos and don'ts you should take into account when you start digitising your assets.

Do: Create a high-quality, well-organised content library

When you digitise your assets, you are essentially creating a content library for potential clients, third-party agencies or your own team. As a result, it's crucial that you upload high-quality assets. Cloud storage means you don’t need to compress files and compromise on their quality, so it’s best to save assets in the highest resolution possible.

You also need to make sure that all assets are appropriately tagged with keywords, to make them easy to find later on. A high-quality digital asset management system will provide such helpful features as refined search tools and automatic keyword tagging, to make your life easier!

Do: Ensure solid security measures when sharing data

One of the great things about having a content or data library is that you can easily share it with whoever you would like to view it, from different departments within your own organisation, all the way through to potential customers. While setting up internal sharing is easy, it's important to be careful when selecting who you share it with externally.

Create a few designated online 'showrooms' or libraries for potential customers to view, using those eye-catching high-quality images and your products are sure to attract plenty of attention. The best digital asset management software comes with robust security, so only the intended recipients will be able to access your assets.

Don’t: Don’t choose the first DAM software you come across

If you are seeing your competitors successfully digitising their assets, it can be tempting to quickly hop on the bandwagon without doing much research. This can sometimes mean plumping for the cheapest option. But cheaper doesn't necessarily mean better. It will be worth your while to investigate different digital asset management providers and decide which one is best suited to your organization’s needs, in order to make the process as rewarding and customised as possible.

Don’t: Don’t be discouraged when you first begin digitising

When you first set up your online content library and showrooms, it can seem like a laborious process, uploading, editing, and tagging all of your products. But this initial obstacle will pay dividends when your products are all digitised and your suppliers, customers and collaborators have access to your professional-looking online asset library. It will also make future work, referencing and adding data, that much easier - and if you use the Cloud, you will have a vast abundance of storage at your disposal.

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