The world of asset management can be a confusing one for many businesses. It’s one thing knowing your company needs a management system – but it’s a whole other problem knowing which one to use.

It comes down to two options – Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM). But what are they? What is the difference? And which is best for you? Keep reading as we take a closer look…

Similarities between the two

First things first, what exactly are DAM and MAM?

Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Media Asset Management (MAM) offer different solutions to the same issue. Many creative agencies today deal with masses of digital files, which can cause problems for your business if they’re not managed well. Without the right support, it can quickly become chaotic and overwhelming.

That’s where these systems come in. The goal of both DAM and MAM is to combat the unorganised nature of dealing with lots of content. With a centralised repository for all your files, both solutions make assets easier to locate. Most DAM and MAM systems also allow users to share and track the usage of the content.

The best fit for you

Initially it may be hard to pinpoint any clear differences between the two, making it harder to make a choice. Let’s face it, the two solutions appear to be very similar at face value. That’s why we’re here to help you make your decision.

Media asset management generally focuses on large video and audio files. It was initially introduced to meet the needs of the broadcast media market. TV and film companies benefit the most from MAM systems as they work with big, complex video files.

DAM, on the other hand, manages varying types of assets, from JPG photos to Word documents. This type of system is beneficial for organisations with a large number of individual assets, particularly if several people need to access and use the files. Creative agencies tend to use this system to manage their assets.

Today, the lines dividing the two are becoming more blurred. Some companies are using MAM systems to store graphics and still photos, while DAM systems are increasingly able to manage more video and audio files.

Most MAM solutions require specialist equipment and technology for installation as they are designed to handle complex assets. Whereas, DAM systems, particularly cloud-based solutions, can be accessed and updated from anywhere, with no equipment needed.

Give DAM a go with iBase

If you’re a creative agency dealing with masses of digital files and don’t know where to store them, iBase has the perfect solution for you. Our cloud-based DAM systems are flexible and designed with your ease in mind. With no need for maintenance, you can save both time and money while focussing on what you do best.

Our DAM system is complete with multimedia library software, meaning you can combine the two solutions into one – the best of both worlds. Get in touch with our friendly team to find out more. Give us a call on +44 1943 603636 or submit a query via our Contact Us form.

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