Digital asset management (DAM) isn’t just for libraries, museums, and digital agencies. Far from it in fact. The software can help organisations in a diverse range of sectors.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how DAM can – and does – help universities and academic organisations across the world.

1. Helping students

For many, universities are best known for the education they provide. That’s one of many areas where DAM can assist.Institutions use our DAM system to manage a vast array of media, as well as making images available to students as and when they’re needed.

2. Driving research

Of course, universities go beyond education alone. They’re also responsible for the research that helps drive the world forward. Images are often central to what they do. DAM allows universities to group and label images and to customise metadata, making it easy to store, organise, search, and crucially share the assets. In addition, files can be linked to relevant consent forms, taking the legwork out of GDPR compliance.

3. Displaying findings

Digital assets can assist in sharing expertise when undertaking research. However, they can also be used once it’s completed. Set up by the University of Victoria, Ocean Networks Canada monitors Canada’s coasts, gathering real-time data to help make informed decisions to help manage the oceans, mitigate disasters and protect the environment.

In doing so, they create a variety of media, such as images, diagrams, videos, and text documents outlining their findings. Our feature-rich DAM system allows them to control and retrieve all of that without any hassle.

They can manage distribution internally and externally, in a range of formats, allowing them to focus on what they do best. This can also make it easier for researchers to spread awareness of the issues being highlighted, not just for funding purposes but to encourage social change.

4. University marketing

It’s easy to forget that universities have to market themselves much like any other organisation. With that comes the need for a vast catalogue of images. Whether it’s for websites and social media or printed materials like prospectuses and posters, images are central to almost any kind of advertising.

Given that they could be used again and again in different campaigns, these images are a valuable asset, which need to be easily retrievable whenever needed. This is yet another area where DAM can help.

The University of Westminster uses our DAM software as an image bank, allowing them to catalogue, tag and search all of their images. The system has different levels of access, with log in authorised through the local domain. So, there’s no risk of assets being lost or duplicates being needlessly created.

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