Storytelling is an important and enriching part of human life – a practice we have engaged in for thousands of years. They create vivid images in our minds and anchor us in our world. They can also be a supremely helpful tool for businesses, helping them to create and solidify their brand and then share it with their consumers.

The clearer and more engaging a brand's storytelling is, the more likely they are to attract loyal customers. If you are just starting out on the adventure of starting and developing your own brand, read on for our beginner's guide to effective brand storytelling and how to make it work for you.

1. Clarity and authenticity are key

One of the most important things to remember when it comes to creating your brand's story is that consistency and clarity are crucial, as is authenticity. Customers need to feel that they know exactly who or what your business is, and what it can offer them – and they want a message that remains consistent and stable.

From the very beginning, you will need to have a very clear vision of your brand's story – what it is, who it is aimed at, and what you want it to achieve. Ask yourselves the following key questions:

     - Which groups of customers are you aiming at? What are their needs which your products can meet? What problems do they have that your brand can solve?
     - What are the unique selling points you can demonstrate through your brand story that will grab their attention and encourage them to buy your products or expertise?
     - What makes your business stand out from all the others?
     - What message do you want your story to convey?
     - How are you going to convey it?

The answers to these questions will help you begin to weave your brand's story, and tailor it to both your own needs, and the needs of your potential customers.

2. How will you tell your story?

Once your story has crystallised, it's time to decide how to tell it, and which parts you would like to shine a special spotlight on. For example, do you want to share the set-backs, obstacles and triumphs which led to the evolution of your brand? Do you want to describe how you have helped previous customers? Do you want to tell a story that is focused on your customers and their lives, a story which shows how your products or expertise could benefit them? Or a combination of all of the above?

Whatever story you decide to weave for your audience, remember that there are many mediums at your disposal to help you in its telling – including text, images, videos, and even apps, podcasts, and workshops (either face-to-face or online). The advances in technology in recent years have made it so much easier to tell a multi-faceted brand story that will grab the attention of vast audiences – and, most importantly, hold it.

3.  Keep your brand’s story consistent with DAM

When your brand's story has been developed, keeping it consistent is crucial to maintaining your valuable customers. As well as maintaining a consistent tone and values, it also helps to consistently organise all of your digital assets, so brand guides, files, records and ad campaigns can be easily accessed and shared when necessary.

A cloud-based DAM platform like iBase will make sure all of your assets are kept safe and are effectively categorised, so nothing can be lost or accidentally reproduced. This, in turn, will help you to keep your branding consistent, without any hassle.

To find out more about our sophisticated DAM software, contact us today and organise a one-to-one demo so you can see how it would benefit your brand.

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