Is your business switching to a digital asset management (DAM) system? Before making the decision, it’s important to understand what you actually need from the system?

Every business is unique, and how your team intends to use a DAM system with be different from others. Some platforms may offer increased security, while some may promote their extremely large storage capacity. Which features are essential for your specific needs? Whatever type of DAM you’re opting for, it’s important to weigh up what your business needs from a system first. Here are a few points to consider…

1. Increased file security

Is security a key driver for you?

Whether you regularly deal with large files or a number of your assets contain sensitive information, protecting your digital files is of utmost importance. Without a DAM system, your company may lose files, recreate existing files or allow unapproved access to personal data.

A cloud-based DAM platform protects your files in the case of a loss of premises and allows users to back up their files, so they aren’t entirely reliant on an external hard drive.

2. Collaborative work

Are your digital assets unorganised? Do you need a better system?

Of course, all DAM systems offer a storage space for all your digital files. But, if your business works with a variety of file types or has a large client base, for instance, you may need a platform that allows the inclusion of a vast number of metadata fields.

Without properly labelling and storing your files, even the best DAM systems can become chaotic. Your company must have clear guidelines when it comes to how to properly store files, with relevant metadata included on each file. This avoids constant searching for files, assets being stored incorrectly and misplacing or permanently losing documents.

Check out iBase

At iBase, we understand that every business has different needs. Our DAM systems are adaptable and allow each of our clients to personalise their service to suit their goals and demands.

With unlimited user access, unlimited metadata fields and advanced security protection, our DAM platform can transform your business. Why wait? For more information, contact our team today and begin your company transformation.

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