Online storage is an essential resource for businesses of all sizes. But this software doesn’t come without its challenges.

For the most part, these systems are easy to use. However, they can quickly become a burden if not managed correctly from the start. So, what problems might you run into with online storage?

Below, we look at some common issues and how to overcome them.

Common problems with online storage solutions

Organising files efficiently

Online storage makes it easy to save your digital assets and other documents securely. But the risk is mismanagement of the information. Without a consistent process in place regarding file names, file types and folder management, your cloud storage will become a complicated space where no one can find the assets they need.

Searching and finding fining files quickly

Poor organisation of online storage often results in the inability to search and find files quickly. Without a logical and consistent file naming and archiving method, this resource can create more work than necessary.

Integration with ecommerce websites

Ecommerce sites have a vast array of digital assets to manage, and ensuring access to them quickly and efficiently is essential. However, some online storage solutions do not connect or sync seamlessly to ecommerce websites, which makes work processes longer and less efficient to manage.

Security risks

Another vital factor in online storage management is security, and it’s essential to have trust in the software your use. Your storage solution should provide the necessary protections to ensure your digital assets are secure and any breaches can be identified quickly.

How to overcome online storage issues

The easiest way to overcome online storage problems is by using a purpose-built system such as digital asset management (DAM) software. This tool is designed to help you organise your assets and effectively manage access to ensure a seamless and reliable solution for your business.

DAM software assists in several ways, including resolving the above issues. For example:

Organising files effectively – DAM software enables you to organise assets in a number of ways, including prioritising the most used documents and creating a logical folder structure to ensure files are found quickly.

Searching and finding files quickly – This solution enables the use of metadata, allowing users to search for files based on keywords and tags.

Integration with ecommerce websites – DAM software can integrate with your ecommerce site and payment system. This solution also supports multiple currencies, payment types, languages and fulfilment options.

Security risks – Protecting digital assets is acritical component of DAM software. Not only does it provide a secure hosting environment, but you also have the option to assign user restrictions, roles and audit actions carried out within the software.

Efficient storage solutions with iBase

If you’re looking for a reliable and convenient storage solution, which helps you, overcome the common issues typically faced by online storage, iBase can help.

For more information about our DAM software, contact us for a free one-to-one demo.

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