With so much competition out there on the property market, it’s important to stay on top. In today’s digital world, that means having a stand-out, powerful and enticing website and brochure for each of your properties. With that comes a whole lot of images, videos and documents with specific information.

That’s where digital asset management (DAM) can help. Read on to discover how digital asset management (DAM) can help estate agents…

Property information

One of the most important aspects of property sales is making sure you have the correct information. Whether you’re letting out or selling, misleading customers can seriously impact your reputation. With so many similar properties on your books, you need somewhere secure to organise all your files and avoid any misinformation.

Having all your property information stored in a DAM system also makes collaborative working much easier. Anyone with access to your system can log on and retrieve the files, to update your website or inform a potential client. So, while you can separate your files dependent on client or employee, you’re not restricted to your own properties in case of absence or emergency, everyone can access all of the information they need.

Legal documentation

Buying a property is the biggest, most important decision in many of our lives. So, you want to feel confident that your estate agent is storing all your personal, confidential files safely.

Bank details, home addresses, referees and financial history are all provided when purchasing a property, all of which everyone would want to remain private. And with today’s GDPR policies, you don’t just need to remain secure for your customers’ sake but to remain compliant, too.

Using a cloud-based DAM system, you can make sure all sensitive files are highly protected, using multiple layers of encryption to prevent the wrong information falling into the wrong hands.

Property photos

Photography is fundamental for successful estate agent companies. Nowadays, online estate agents are becoming more and more popular, with the need for eye-catching imagery more important than ever. Even for brick-and-mortar estate agents, having brochures for each property for customers to browse through can significantly help to increase a sale. Walkthroughs and videos of properties are another growing trend that is helping estate agents to generate interest.

With so many photos, videos and folders to keep track of, a DAM system can transform the way you store and organise them. You can even have various sizes of each file for different functions. It couldn’t be easier to manage. Simply log in, search for your property name, area, property type or keyword and access all the images you need.

Speak to an expert

Are you an estate agent struggling to track your files? Perhaps you’re growing quicker than you can handle? Or maybe you’re just interested in knowing more about how we can help?

At iBase, we can provide a feature-rich DAM system that has unlimited metadata tags for organisation and limitless user access for any sized estate agency. Give us a call today to see what we can do for you.

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