Every company can benefit from an update every now and then. That’s especially the case following the shift to digital over the past couple of decades, which has left a lot of well-known businesses with branding that simply looks dated. The question is: how do you make sure that your rebrand is effective – both in its design and its deployment?

In this post, we’ll discuss how digital asset management can help with both key areas.

2019 – The year of the rebrand?

It wasn’t long into 2019 before Inc. described it as the “year of the rebrand”. Specifically, they were referring to the rebranding of both Slack and Mastercard in the opening weeks of the year. However, it does seem like a lot more companies have decided to update their logo, slogan or just their overall tone in the past couple of years.

Why? As mentioned, it could be down to the digital transformation. There will be a lot of companies who unveiled a glossy new logo at the turn of the Millennium or even earlier. As digital technology advanced, these logos simply became dated.

Small but effective

Consider the logo of fast-food franchise Subway. The original green, white and yellow of 2002 was revitalised in 2016 with a simplified yellow and green design. It’s “clear and confident” without ditching their heritage, according to Subway CEO Suzanne Greco.

A rebrand doesn’t need to be a complete overhaul. As with Subway, it could just be some small tweaks – bringing the company up to date. What’s important, however, is that those tweaks are the right choice…

Getting the design right

That’s the first area where DAM comes into play. To make the right decisions about logos and branding, companies need to be able to collaborate on designs. It’s no use the creative team deciding on a new look if key stakeholders don’t back their decision.

DAM systems offer a central repository for files to be stored, with controlled access for multiple users. Design or creative teams can give access to members of different teams from across the business. Rather than constantly going back and forth between departments with messy printouts, decisions can be made instantly.

The result? Your company gets the right rebrand that everyone agrees on – and it gets there much quicker.

Consistency is key

That brings us to hurdle number two of the rebrand – implementation. Whether it’s new colours, imagery or a fresh tone of voice, it’s crucial that rebrands are implemented consistently across all platforms and all departments. It’s no use having a glossy new Twitter profile when customers are still sent invoices with the old branding, for instance.

Again, this can be simplified using DAM. Rather than having guidelines or branding material lost in a sea of emails or saved in a dark corner of the desktop, companies can store new branding material in one central repository. Employees will always know where to find the latest branding assets – and they’ll always be able to access them.

Professional DAM software

Whether it’s day-to-day tasks or full-scale rebrands, DAM can simplify a vast range of business activities. At iBase, we aim to make that even simpler, with a powerful, easy-to-use DAM system.

From drag-and-drop uploads to seamless sharing and customised access, we make it easy to collaborate across your company. Want to find out more? Contact our team now.

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