Digital assets are a prominent feature in all businesses, and more and more are created daily. Whether it’s images, videos or documents, it’s essential to structure these files in order to manage, edit and share them effectively.

With digital asset management (DAM) software, getting on top of digital asset organisation is easy. But making the structure work for your company’s needs can take some time. That’s where regular organisation and management strategies come in. By doing a spring clean over the next few months, you’ll

have access to your digital assets quickly and efficiently.

Below, we take a look at simple aspects to implement to reorganise your data assets with ease.

Prioritise the most used digital assets

Start by looking at the digital assets you use the most. DAM software is consistently updated. However, organising the data you utilise the most frequently will immediately benefit time management. In addition, look at what formats are most commonly requested and store these in specific areas. This helps departments locate suitable materials in the correct format effectively.

Create a logical folder structure

As your data library grows, organising your digital assets into searchable folders is essential. The folder structure helps users to browse information more quickly. But it’s vital to take on-board how different users utilise the data. This structure should be formed with input from various users to get the best fit for everyone.

Add metadata to assets

Metadata is an invaluable way to enable effective search parameters. If a user is trying to figure out where to find a digital asset, a quick search with metadata offers a solution to finding the right file.

Metadata should include relevant and searchable terms. However, if you have similar assets, grouping them into recognisable collections is essential. In DAM software, this is made simple as features of images are recognised and applied as tags.

Why it’s important to spring clean your digital assets

The speed information is consumed in modern society means it’s essential for companies to have immediate access to relevant digital assets for campaigns. Organising your data effectively using DAM software ensures files are easily stored, accessed and distributed according to the user’s needs. In addition, regular upkeep of your system and structure makes the process seamless for all.

Reorganise your digital assets with iBase

DAM software is a practical resource for all businesses looking to organise digital assets efficiently. There are several DAM providers out there, but choosing a reliable and straightforward solution for your needs is essential.

At iBase, our software is unlike others on the market. It’s feature-packed and tailored to your business requirements. You can easily control your images, videos and documents, and the host of features makes it easy to search and utilise your data.

To learn more about how iBase DAM software can help your business spring-clean its digital assets, contact us today for a free one-to-one demo.

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