User generated content, or UGC, is a valuable way to generate sales and build brand loyalty. But with that comes a variety of digital assets that require effective management and storage.

Below, we discuss the concept and benefits of user generated content and explore how DAM software can help organise these digital assets.

What is user generated content?

User generated content is a term used for any assets created by external users, for example, customers and influencers. This type of marketing has blossomed in recent years as social media forms a significant part of sharing and recommending products and services to huge audiences.

User generated content marketing has become so crucial that companies are now creating strategies to capture this authentic method of selling.

Benefits of user generate content

All companies want to generate good publicity and encourage brand loyalty, and this is where user generated content plays a big role. It’s not like traditional advertising or campaign marketing. UGC offers an authentic, relatable and natural method of engaging customers, new and old. This, in turn, helps drive organic conversions as customers feel they can actively participate in campaigns and offer realistic reviews based on their experiences.

Types of user generated content

User generated content comes in several forms. Using DAM software can help to organise this effectively for future use. The most common types of UGC include:

Photos – A significant proportion of UGC is in the format of images or photos. This could be a picture snapped for Instagram or images attached to product reviews.

Videos – This is becoming a popular form of social sharing, and videos are particularly valuable for brand marketing.

Reviews – Testimonials are a great tool to help showcase what customers really think of a product or service.

Blogs – Blog posts are still a helpful way to attract attention. They are often written as an in-depth review to give potential customers more insight.

How DAM software helps with user generated content

As you can imagine, while user generated content is brilliant for brand exposure, it can also come in thick and fast, meaning lots of assets to store and organise. So, if you have DAM software to hand, this process is simple as you have all the resources you need in one place.

The top ways DAM software can help are:

Centralising user generated content

This software allows you to store everything in one location and gives access quickly when you need specific assets for campaigns.

Easy to organise

Digital assets can be stored in DAM software according to type, campaigns, tags, etc. It’s simple to add keywords and descriptive data to help source precisely what you need in an instant.

Enable collaboration

All team members, including external influencers, can access relevant files of your DAM software to streamline sharing resources.

DAM software for user generated content from iBase

DAM software is a valuable tool for marketers using user generated content strategies. For more information on how iBase can help streamline your projects, contact our team for a free demo.

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