There’s no doubting the value of digital asset management (DAM) for businesses in almost any sector. It provides a central repository for all your files, with advanced metadata making it easy to organise and retrieve them.

However, one question that remains is whether you should opt for the cloud or an on-premises solution?

In this post, we explore the benefits of cloud hosting for DAM software.

1. Scalable

The first major advantage of cloud-hosted DAM is that it’s completely scalable. One company might need to store vast databases, while another simply needs a product image library. Both companies are catered for with a cloud-based DAM, which can be tailored to your requirements. That tailoring continues as you move forward, with the cloud giving you potentially unlimited space in which to expand. If you need to add more assets to your DAM system, you’ll be free to do so. In other words, a cloud-based DAM can always fit your requirements.

2. Secure

It’s a common misconception that the cloud is somehow less secure than private servers. In fact, quite the opposite is true. Working with accredited DAM or cloud providers, you can rest assured your assets are completely secure.

Rather than you having to invest in security for in-house servers and manage updates through the years, your provider will take care of everything on your behalf. In most cases, they will be backed up across multiple servers too. That means there’s a vastly reduced risk of data loss and downtime.

3. Remote

Working remotely is one of the key benefits of digital asset management. With authorised access to all the assets you and your workforce need, there’s no need to work in one specific location, or on a specific device. While that’s still true if you’re using on-premises servers, it’s not quite as flexible as a cloud-based DAM as you still require that fixed location to store and maintain those servers.

As more and more businesses move towards a remote way of working, this is something that could hold you back.

4. Cost-effective

Finally, there’s the financial benefit of cloud-hosted DAM. As well as the cost of running and maintaining servers in-house, installing DAM as an on-premises solution requires far more up-front investment. While that may be the best option for larger businesses, it’s not as practical for start-ups or SMEs.

The scalability of cloud-based DAM also means you don’t have to pay for storage you don’t need, with the option to increase your storage as you expand.

Try our cloud-based DAM software

At iBase, we provide feature-rich DAM software in the cloud and on-premises, to cater for all requirements. Our cloud-hosted solution allows you to pay only for the storage space you need, with full security and all data backed up every 24 hours.

If you want to give it a try, contact us. There’s no obligation and no deadline for your trial, so you can get a feel for our software in your own time.

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