The right questions can be critical in business. They’re a stepping-stone to doing things a better way. However, not all questions are equal. In some cases, especially when questions pop up almost every day, they can reveal shortcomings in how things are done.

That’s especially true when it comes to digital assets. With the right asset management system in place, your team shouldn’t need to constantly ask the same questions. If they do, it means time is being wasted searching for the right assets.

In this post, we’ll look at four questions that you shouldn’t really be asking – or hearing – on a day-to-day basis.

1. Is this file the most recent?

Whether you’re updating products on an ecommerce site or sharing pictures of a property as an estate agency, it’s critical to have the most up-to-date assets. But that doesn’t mean you should have to ask for them. An effective digital asset management system will allow you to store and retrieve the most recent version of a file as well as seeing its previous versions – and accessing them whenever needed.

2. Do we have an image for this?

A picture is worth a thousand words. That’s exactly why images are used on websites, social media, and in print. As a result, businesses will typically have a vast array of images relating to their products and services.

If your team is unsure whether an image exists for a specific purpose, it will no doubt lead to delays. You could even end up spending more time and money recreating assets that you already have. Instead, they should be able to see the images they need, with metadata links to the relevant files, products, or clients.

3. Where do I find this?

Organisation is key to asset management. With each client, product, service, or location comes more assets. This includes images, documents, videos, audio files, presentations, and spreadsheets. All of these must be stored securely, but also accessible as and when your team needs them.

But that doesn’t mean things have to get out of control. That’s exactly what’s happened if your team can’t find the right assets. Again, this is something that will lead to unnecessary delays on a daily basis.

4. How do I do this?

How-to guides, briefs and brand guidelines are some of the most important assets depending on your business. They allow you to streamline training, control quality and improve consistency.

Unless employees can’t find them! If that’s the case, you’ll constantly be hearing questions about how to do certain things, which will add more to the to-do list of senior staff or managers.

The answer to your questions

If any of these questions sound familiar, it’s a sign that your business could be managing your assets more efficiently. Fortunately, there is a simple answer. iBase’s digital asset management software provides everything you need to store, organise, retrieve and edit your assets without any hurdles, delays or unnecessary questions.

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