If you’re thinking about investing in a digital asset management (DAM) system for your organisation, you’re probably already aware of the many helpful functions this kind of software can provide. These handy features include the provision of a more centralised storage system for all of your digital assets, as well as more effective file sharing, and an overall improvement in your asset organisation.

But did you know that DAM systems also come with a range of other helpful features, which can meet a variety of specific business needs? Read on as we discuss some of the features your business could benefit from…

Which features will benefit you the most?

Because DAM can be so specialised, it is worth considering exactly what your particular requirements are before you invest, to ensure you select the system that suits your business. That way, you’ll be maximising your investment, and guaranteeing that you’ll get the most out of your new DAM software.

Pinpointing your current content gaps

The most effective way to discover what you need from a new DAM system is to evaluate the current problems you are facing with your digital file management. To do this, why not hold a team meeting, or create a form for your employees to fill out, to gain honest feedback on the issues that need to be fixed by the new DAM investment.


For example, perhaps you’re having a problem with efficient file sharing? DAM software that allows you to easily share files between your employees and approved external users, while still maintaining high levels of security, is guaranteed to make sharing your assets a breeze, rather than a headache.


Maybe your main issue lies with finding the right file? If your current file saving system lacks any cohesive structure, and each of your employees has a different method of naming and storing assets, then you are bound to run into problems.

A sophisticated DAM system makes locating files much easier, as it provides a variety of search tools, from geolocation searching, to saved searches and fuzzy searching. This will save your team valuable time, as they will be able to find whatever file they need with speed and efficiency.

Other features

Different DAM systems also come with other helpful features, such as diverse editing and downloading options, a seamless ecommerce platform, a flexible and advanced security network – or all of them rolled into one. That’s why it’s a good idea to investigate a few different DAM systems before you take the plunge – to ensure you find the system that addresses the unique challenges you are currently facing.

Give DAM a try

If you are looking for a DAM system that addresses many of the common issues businesses face, iBase is on hand to help. Our feature-rich software can cater to your needs with sophisticated functions for storing, editing, sharing, and more. Get in touch with us today to arrange a one-to-one demo to find out how our DAM system can solve your specific problems and transform your asset management.

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