If you’re searching for ways to streamline your business operations and make sure that your staff are able to work easily and efficiently, one of the key areas you should examine is your digital files and how they are stored.

Losing, misplacing or duplicating files are common problems which employees encounter on a regular basis. Unfortunately, these lost or misplaced files can cost your business time – and money. In this day and age, it should take just seconds to locate a file – but how long does it take, really, and how can you make things easier for your employees, ensuring they can quickly and effectively locate a file when they need to?

Finding a file – how much time is your company losing?

Research conducted over the last 20 years has revealed that the length of time it takes employees to find a file has decreased dramatically. It no longer takes the 2.5 hours it supposedly took in 2001 to find one file! However, a 2018 IDC study revealed that data professionals still spent half of their working hours searching for data, preparing it, or duplicating it – time which definitely could be put to better use.

With our increasingly cutting-edge technology, the fact is that finding a file should take a couple of seconds and require just a few clicks of a button.

Fortunately, there are a number of online systems which you can put in place, to make locating a particular file that much easier and cut down the length of ‘searching time’ to mere seconds, rather than minutes or even hours. Systems such as digital asset management (DAM), for example!

How investing in DAM makes managing files easier

One of the main benefits of organising your digital assets using sophisticated DAM software is how much faster and more effective this system is. This is partly because using DAM software makes locating files so much easier. Your employees won’t have to waste any more time hunting through various folders or trawling their inbox trying to find an email from a month ago which contains the file they need today.

Instead, a DAM software system provides an array of impressive search functions, which includes automatic indexing of all of your metadata. With the assistance of various helpful features, such as saved searches, fuzzy searching, advanced field search and more, it should take your staff just seconds to locate the file they need.

For a more general search, you can use the Quick Search function, or, to narrow things down, make use of the handy Field Search feature, which will give you a range of helpful options to help you hunt down the file you’re looking for.

Give DAM a try and enjoy rapid file location today

If you would like to simplify your file storage system, and make your employees’ lives much easier as a result, why not give DAM a try for yourself? You can contact our friendly and experienced team and arrange a one-to-one demo tailored to your company’s particular needs, so you can discover how DAM can help you with your unique file management requirements.

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