The more your company grows, the more documents, files and digital assets you have to keep track of. Logos, images, employee documents and sensitive data all need a place to be securely stored. With so many files, it can be difficult to maintain consistency across your brand. In this post, we discuss how digital asset management (DAM) offers a convenient and practical solution to the problem.

Consistency is key

Firstly, why is it so important for companies to stay consistent? In business, consistency is vital for a strong brand image. If your brand doesn’t portray the same message across all areas and platforms, your key messages may become lost or misunderstood.

Developing and maintaining consistency across your company internally can be challenging. The founder of Simply Stated Media, Raubi Perilli, advises companies to create a brand guide. This can be shared across the business to keep all of your employees on the same page. With a DAM system, it can be easily accessed allowing employees to check the guide instantly, wherever they may be.

Using a DAM can also make it much easier to access and view previous work, ensuring uniform presentation and avoiding repetition. You could even upload a selection of design templates onto your DAM, providing a self-service solution to consistency issues.

Improve communication

You can’t achieve consistency within your business without good communication across the spectrum. A DAM system offers the ability to communicate and exchange work with teams across the globe. With a centralised repository of assets, finding and accessing files is quick and easy.

With iBase DAM, you can control user access across all files, restricting certain metadata to specific users where required. Opting for a cloud system means users can access files from anywhere in the world with internet connection. That means less time spent chasing up enquiries around the office or making phone calls to other branches, with a simple place to retrieve the files you need.

Boost your reputation

One of the key benefits of a consistent brand image is an improved reputation with potential and current partners and clients. That’s difficult to achieve if different employees or even different platforms are giving off contrasting messages. If your company is using multiple logos on documents or even invoices, for instance, potential clients may doubt the security and validity of your business.

With a DAM system, you can access the most recent version of a file at any given time, making sure your client receives the correct piece of work with consistent branding every time.

Consistent security is also vital for a reputable and trustworthy business. Clients and companies simply won’t work with you if they’re not confident that their files and data will be secure. A DAM system offers another layer of security, protecting sensitive data and ensuring that only those necessary have access to personal information.

Staying consistent with iBase

If you make just one business resolution this new year, we believe it should be to improve consistency. With an improved reputation, better communication and all-round increased productivity, cloud-based DAM is the best way to boost your brand consistency.

At iBase, our expert team is on hand to guide you through your new system, making sure you get the most out of your DAM. Get in touch with us today to get your business off to a great start.

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