Images are valuable assets for any business. They can be used to advertise specific products or just promote your brand more broadly. But with so much time, effort and cost going into creating or sourcing these images, it’s only natural that you want to get more out of them.

Thankfully, that’s not a problem. There are several places where you can use and reuse images to get even more bang for your buck…

1. Website

Your website is the first stop for most images. In many cases, it’s the reason they’re produced in the first place. But given the value of these assets, it’s well worth utilising them more than once on your site.

To make the most of images, you can use them on product or service pages, but also category pages, landing pages or just your home and about pages. Why? Images can improve visitor engagement on your site, keeping them there for longer. They can also be optimised for SEO, using target keywords in the image title, description and alt text.

2. Email marketing

Email marketing is a hugely cost-effective tool for businesses. It allows you to reach thousands of customers in an instant, without the same cost-per-customer increase you get with print methods.

Images can amplify this marketing method, making the emails you send more engaging. Whether it’s product images or informative diagrams, you can add extra value for customers into your emails, making them more likely to click through to your site.

3. Social media

Did you know that social media posts with images get 37% more engagement? That means users are much less likely to scroll past a post with an image – and more likely to read what you have to say or even click through to your site.

With that in mind, it’s well worth utilising the images you already have on your social channels. You can even tailor the size of your images to make them optimal for each social channel.

4. Printed marketing materials

Nowadays, the vast majority of images are stored digitally. But that doesn’t mean their use is restricted to digital platforms. You can get even more use and value out of your assets with ‘old-fashioned’ printed marketing materials.

Business cards, leaflets or flyers can be brought to life using the same images you’ve created or sourced for online platforms.

Organising images for reuse

To use images for various purposes, you’ll need to store and organise them so they can be easily retrieved whenever needed. You may also need multiple versions of those images, with various sizes and resolutions optimised for different platforms or media.

With iBase’s digital asset management system, all of this is made simple. Using sophisticated metadata, you can organise and retrieve all of your valuable assets with ease. There’s no risk of assets being lost, and you can always increase your storage space to add more images.

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