Digital asset management is a system that lends itself well to personalisation. One size does not fit all, as each business is unique and prioritises different needs.

When using a DAM system for your digital assets, you will obviously want it to do everything you need it to do. It should have the basic features that you need to organise and store your data. But what about those more individual requirements that you would like to incorporate?

Tailoring a DAM system for your needs is a service that can be provided easily and effectively. Let's look at how it can be customised to your specific requirements.

How DAM can be customised

Every part of your digital asset management system can be customised to your personal preferences. However, this very much depends on your supplier and what they offer as their system may not be set up for configuration. Also, you should be aware of the level of customer service that they offer, as this will tell you how accommodating they can be to your preferences and personalised requests.

iBase is a company that offers customisation, delivered by experienced professionals with a high level of customer service. Listening carefully to your needs and preferences, a personalised DAM is created that improves and supports the development of your business. At its simplest level, features are edited, added or adjusted, based on their usefulness to the purpose of your business. More levels are added, as it is discovered what features would work for you.

Features that can be customised are;

  • Downloading
  • Uploading
  • Editing
  • Searching
  • Sharing
  • Commerce
  • Security

iBase have 3 packages of customisation, depending on the amount of personalisation your DAM needs:

1. Low to medium-level customisation & branding

2. Medium to high-level customisation & branding

3.Full customisation & branding


An essential part of customisation, branding is deep in the core of what DAM can do. It is designed to leave an impression on your target audience, impacting their buying habits and giving them a clear sense of what your company stands for. Social media and commenting features can also be used where required.

Benefits of customisation

1. Productivity

By personalising your DAM system, you will be able to streamline processes to fit your timetables and project deadlines. Productivity will be increased throughout, as sharing, editing and adding to files will become a smooth process.

2. Convenience

A DAM system is centralised – a one-stop-shop for your daily needs. It organises and categorises data in a way that is tailored to the essential elements of your business. Offering convenience and ease-of-use that will enable your business to run smoothly.

3. Cost

With DAM you can be certain that you won't be looking around for additional systems in a few months' time to cover elements that have been missed. Customised digital asset management, working for your specific needs, is a one-time investment that will grow with your business as it grows.

4. Time

Time can be wasted searching for data if your system is too general. Spending time trawling through files and folders, looking for one particular document or image is not a good use of company resources. Having a DAM system tailored to your exact preferences will be a game-changer when searching for assets.

Learn more about customising your DAM with iBase

iBase are experts in the field of digital asset management. Why not talk through your requirements with our friendly, knowledgeable team and discover the advantages of a customised DAM system for your business?

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