Every company that deals with digital files would benefit from a digital asset management (DAM) system. From museums and marketing departments to councils and museums – there are countless business and organisations that should make the switch. But the list doesn’t end there…

Keep reading for 4 surprising examples of businesses that would benefits from a Dam system…

1. Education

Schools, colleges and universities all have huge volumes of online assets, whether it’s teaching resources, school photos or group presentations. All of these files need to be stored somewhere, ideally somewhere with an easy-access system to avoid wasted time. A DAM system is the ideal solution.

Many educational institutions have various campuses or departments or even multiple schools. In which case, housing all important digital files in one centralised repository makes it much easier to access documents at any time, from any place.

2. Ecommerce retailers

These days, most people aren’t likely to purchase an online product without understanding how it works, reading reviews and seeing what it looks like. So, online retailers are now relying heavily on images, videos, documents and marketing strategies to propel their business above the rest of the market.

This can get even more complicated when retailers use multiple platforms – such as Amazon and eBay – start up referral schemes or join forces with external teams, such as drop shippers.

Implementing a DAM system can help ecommerce retailers, of any size, easily organise and share their assets across all departments. This saves time, effort and resources, all of which are extremely valuable in the highly competitive world of ecommerce.

3. Non-profit organisations

One of the main concerns for non-profits, such as charities or awareness-raising campaigns, is to ensure their time is spent most efficiently. They also tend to have a lot of marketing assets, as they are reliant on volunteer, donor and press support to keep the business running.

Due to this, non-profits can often find themselves with an abundance of digital files and not enough time to locate the right one. So, a DAM system can not only save them time and energy, but also make their organisation run much smoother, freeing up extra time for the important jobs.

4. Manufacturing

Manufacturers work closely with distributors, buyers and retailers to get their products on the market and to the customer. In order to do this, businesses must have an easy-to-access supply of digital assets so each chain in the process can stay up-to-date with orders and invoices.

In order to grow a manufacturing business, the company must be able to consistently communicate with all of its partners, especially their distributors. By implementing a DAM system, manufacturing businesses can create an open-source of accurate information that helps reduce miscommunication.

Boost your business with iBase

At iBase, we recognise and appreciate the importance of having a safe, secure and user-friendly DAM system for almost all businesses – no matter what sector they operate in. If your business could benefit from a cloud-based DAM system, get in touch with our team today to learn more about our platforms.

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