Digital asset management has been revolutionising the way many brands do business for years now. But how did it first begin, and how has it developed into the game-changing software you can use today? Read on as we take a journey back in time to the inception of DAM.

The birth of digital assets

Because DAM software has been designed to simplify the organisation, storage, security, and sharing of digital assets – among other functions – you could say that its history really begins with the initial creation of the digital assets themselves. This took place back in the 1980s, as computers began to become a staple part of the business world.

During the course of that decade, and the next, more and more digital assets were created as business processes were increasingly conducted online. In time, it became troublesome to organise and manage these assets efficiently, and in turn, became obvious that a new and more sophisticated system of organisation would have to be developed.

Introducing DAM

It was during the 1990s that DAM first came into being, with its software being installed directly onto company servers to help them archive, store, and edit their digital files more effectively.

iBase made an early entrance into the DAM market in 1993.

After the very first DAM software was pioneered, more examples of web-based DAM were developed and released in response to the launch of consumer web browsers.

Initially, DAM was mostly seen as a specialist kind of software that was ideal for companies producing creative work, which required the creation of vast numbers of digital files – for example, photographs. However, it wouldn’t be long before the benefits of DAM for all kinds of brands and businesses became clear to see.

Cloud-based DAM

When the cloud was first developed and launched during the first decade of the 21st century, it paved a new pathway for DAM, which now had to deal with more complex requirements, such as being able to convert image formats so that they could be used on a variety of different operating systems – not to mention devices, from iPhones to iPads and laptops. DAM became more sophisticated as a result of these new requirements, and was increasingly adopted by businesses from other industries, not just those companies specialising in creative work.

Where DAM is today

This steady development has led us to where DAM software is today – a widely used and highly sought-after software solution that makes various aspects of online business smoother, faster, and more efficient. DAM offers so many helpful features, from easy searching, editing, and uploading, to hassle-free asset sharing, both internally and externally. It also offers stringent security, so businesses can be sure their assets are protected.

Discover the benefits of DAM for yourself

As you can see, in just 30 years DAM has become forward in leaps and bounds. It’s now an integral part of the way many brands do business. If you would like to sample its transformative features for yourself, don’t hesitate to get in touch with a member of our helpful and experienced team. You can even try a one-to-one demo for a personalised glimpse of how DAM can benefit your business in particular.

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