Your business is your livelihood. It’s what you do on a day to day basis. Your brand, on the other hand, shapes how people see that business. That’s why brand management is so important – from the way your business presents itself to what other people say and how you engage with them.

Fortunately, you’re not alone in that battle. Read on as we look at 4 types of brand management software and how they can help your brand (and your business) thrive.

1. Social media management

There are around 3.8 billion active social media users around the globe. That’s approximately half of the world’s population, and the number is only likely to increase. Needless to say, the way your business presents itself on social media is key to shaping your brand.

The problem? There are countless platforms to choose from. Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Instagram. That’s not even mentioning the likes of emerging options like Snapchat and TikTok, which are used by the younger generation.

Social media management software allows you to manage these different platforms in one place. You can post to several platforms simultaneously and manage direct communication with customers. As well as saving time, it means your messaging is more consistent across platforms.

2. Mention monitoring

It’s one thing responding to customers who’ve got in touch directly. But what about those who are simply sharing their thoughts to their own audience? That’s where mention monitoring software can help. There are a number of tools that are purpose-built to monitor all mentions of your brand online, whether it’s on social media or review sites.

Thanks to the innovative software available, you don’t have to trawl through countless comments either. Mentions can automatically be segmented into positive and negative or even neutral in some cases. That allows you to share and like positive comments or respond to negative ones with a view to resolving their issue, for instance.

3. Marketing resource management

Marketing is key to branding. It’s the way – or more specifically multiple ways – you get your brand out there. But it’s becoming increasingly complex for businesses to manage. To start with, there are several different types of marketing, from pay-per-click on search engines and social media to printed materials and in-person marketing at events.

On top of that, there are different events and sales seasons throughout the year and the campaigns that go with them, plus the budgets which make it all possible.

Marketing resource management software provides a central place to manage all of the varying aspects of marketing. Set overall plans, track workflows and progress, monitor campaigns and stay aware of budgets. In other words, it takes the administrative burden out of marketing.

4. Digital asset management

Last but certainly not least is digital asset management (DAM) software, which allows you to store, share, retrieve, edit and protect all your company’s branding assets. Whether it’s marketing campaigns or social media posts, you can make sure the right people have access to the assets they need.

By centralising asset management, DAM software can make it quicker and easier for your team to collaborate on marketing projects. It can also improve consistency, with different departments all having instant access to up-to-date branding material.

iBase is here to help your brand

iBase is here to help your brand iBase is a feature-rich DAM platform that can help you optimise branding across the board. Our software is used by a vast array of businesses, from museums and art galleries to tourism boards. Want to try it for yourself?

Contact us to set up a free Express account to put our software to the test with no obligation.

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