Small business owners face a multitude of challenges. You need to provide products or services that compete with large companies, all while working to a smaller budget and trying to grow. With that in mind, not every solution that’s used by other companies will be suitable for you.

In this post, we’ll explore whether digital asset management (DAM) is suitable for small businesses.

Start-up costs

As much as we would all love one, magic money trees just don’t exist. That’s especially the case for small businesses, where every penny counts towards that all-important bottom line. Unfortunately, that means a lot of investments that just aren’t financially viable for small businesses. They can’t afford to upgrade to a ‘big business’ system, meaning they miss out on the potential benefits.

The good news? DAM isn’t one of them. Because it’s based in the cloud, DAM has no upfront or installation costs. Simply pay your monthly fee and away you go. Most important of all, this fee is completely tailored to you. With iBase, you pay for your DAM system based on how much storage space you need, starting as low as 100GB.

Pay as you grow

Growth and expansion are a top priority for most small businesses. But even the most ambitious companies don’t want to invest in a package that’s too big for their needs. On the flipside, you don’t want to be stuck with a DAM system that’s just not big enough, as it could hamper growth.

Fortunately, DAM is completely scalable. Whenever you need more storage space, you can simply upgrade to a bigger monthly package. On top of that, all our paid packages have unlimited users, so you can add any new staff to the system, as well as providing access to external users such as marketing agencies or external accountants.

The benefits of DAM for small businesses

Because it’s scalable and affordable to implement, DAM is certainly a suitable option for small businesses. That’s combines with a range of benefits which are perfect for start-ups and SMEs…


Large companies with hundreds of employees might be able to escape consequence if their staff have an off day. However, for small businesses, productivity is key. With employee numbers often in single figures, small companies need every member of their team to be on the ball.

DAM has been found to increase productivity by 10% or more, for 97% of those using it. The software improves collaboration both internally and externally, which streamlines work processes, so your team can get more done, however small.

Costs & revenue

DAM can also help to improve your bottom line. Increased productivity leads to an average 24% rise in revenue, with 79% of companies seeing an increase of 10% or more

To complement this, it’s been found to decrease asset creation costs, by ensuring all assets are easy to retrieve. This makes them less likely to be underutilised, and reduces the chance of valuable time being spent reproducing similar assets.

DAM for your small business

At iBase, we make sure our DAM software is equally powerful and user-friendly for businesses of any size. From tailored pricing to the best customer service and even online training, we’ll make sure your small business is fully equipped to reap the rewards of DAM.

Get in touch with our team today to discuss DAM implementation in more detail.

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