Watermarks have become commonplace on digital assets. But why? In most cases, it’s about protection, though they can also be used for branding purposes and to mark an asset’s status. Want to find out more? Read on as we explore three applications of watermarks for images and more.

What is a watermark?

A watermark refers to text or a logo that is superimposed onto an image, video or other digital asset. Its purpose is to make it hard for anyone to copy the original image or use it without the creator’s consent.

The term ‘watermarking’ dates back centuries, to when the mark could only be seen when held up to the light when wet. In modern times, watermarking has become digital. Although the method of imposing the watermark is different, the intention is the same.

Main applications of watermarks

1. Protection of assets

If watermarks didn’t exist, it would be very easy for images to be stolen and used without permission. By having a stamp, logo or signature through the image, it is impossible for anyone to use the image and convince others it is their own.

It also stops anyone from printing images online and framing them as a free print of your work. Many people see online images and photography as a free resource, one they are entitled to use. Ownership is not respected and so watermarks can help to combat this attitude.

2. Used as a branding tool

If you aren’t too bothered about people sharing your work, a watermark can still be a good idea. Having your logo in the corner of an image, can show your ownership over it and advertise your brand in a subtle way.

A creative logo, used across every piece of your work, will enable your brand to grow the more your images are used.

3. Indicate status

Watermarks are also useful when you want to show the status of a document or image. Terms like ‘VOID’, ‘COPY’, and ‘SAMPLE’ can be stamped to help organise documents and images when working on them. This can avoid the confusion and frustration when you’ve completed a few hours of work on a project and then realise it was a previous discarded attempt.

Having ‘copy’ stamped on an image can also tell others loud and clear, that there is no point trying to pass the information off as original.

iBase makes watermarking easy

iBase makes it easy to add watermarks to your assets with convenient watermarking features built into our digital asset management system. If you want to use watermarking for protection and clarity of your content, why not get in touch to book a demo with iBase today? Our specialist team will discuss your requirements and advise on what will work for you.

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