Digital asset management (DAM) is used by all kinds of clients who want to make better use of their assets. That’s by no means limited to profit-seeking businesses. Indeed, DAM software can be hugely beneficial to charities, helping them raise awareness and attract donations or funding with minimal time and effort.

In this post, we’ll take a closer look at how DAM can help charities.

Organising assets

IIf you want to get people to donate to a cause, or simply care about it, you need to evoke emotion. That’s why images and videos are vital to charities. We’ve all seen powerful examples of charities using videos on TV advertisements, or images in print ads. In many cases, they will have made you feel compelled to donate or at least talk about the charity.

However, the image or video you have seen will be just one of many used by a given charity. With various clients, case studies and campaigns, charities will have an overwhelming number of images and videos at their disposal. The challenge is organising them all so that the right assets can be found and used, as and when they’re needed.

That’s exactly how our DAM system has helped Mission Australia – a charity dedicated to helping vulnerable and disadvantaged people across Australia. They required an intranet-based solution that allowed administrators to store and catalogue images, which other staff could then search and request.


As with any organisation, the images and videos created by charities take time and skill to produce. On top of that, they are often sensitive – with images and videos of people in need, for example. With that in mind, security is paramount. Charities don’t want to lose any of their valuable digital assets, and they also don’t want unauthorised access and sharing.

Our DAM software solves both of these issues for Mission Australia, with multi-level access for different staff members. First and foremost, only authorised users can access the system. That’s broken down further with some staff members able to edit images, while others can only browse.


Given the sensitive nature of charities’ assets discussed above, they require specific permission to use them in campaigns or on their website. Getting this wrong could damage their reputation as well as costing them financially.

With our DAM solution, each image containing identifiable people requires an associated PDF permission before it can be published. That allows users to see the specific permissions of each asset and whether its use is restricted - for example, for use in print only.

Try it for your charity

Before working with iBase, Mission Australia was stuck with shared drives, local computers and even CDs for their asset storage. Now, they have a secure, organised and easy-to-use system that allows their team to store, retrieve and use a range of digital assets.

While it may seem simple, our DAM system has truly revolutionised the way they work – and it can do the same for your charity. Any questions? Don’t hesitate to contact our support team.

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