Many of us have experienced that dreaded sinking feeling that comes from not being able to find a particular file or document on our computer. While this dilemma is bad enough if it is a personal file that is missing on your home PC, the stress can be even worse if it is a workplace file that has gone amiss.

Losing work-related files and documents is the result of a poorly organised IT system and can cause a whole host of problems. It could lead to lost business, lost money, and wasted time. If you'd like to avoid that awful sinking feeling, read on to discover how a sophisticated DAM (digital asset management) system can prevent you ever having to feel that sensation again.

Finding files using DAM

Here at iBase, our cutting-edge DAM software provides a variety of tools to find your digital assets. These searching techniques include:

Quick search:

Our DAM quick search function allows you to find any file that contains a particular term or keyword you have entered, no matter what field it has been stored in. You can even combine search terms, using 'and', 'or', and 'not' to help you find the specific file you need right away.

Field search:

For more specific searches, you can opt for the Field Search tool. This method lets you enter more refined search terms related to individual fields; you can even do range searching on particular numbers or dates, or scout for empty fields.

Fuzzy search:

If you have a number of employees or other personnel using your DAM software, some of these users may be entering less specific file names than others. This 'fuzziness' could potentially cause problems when it comes to finding a particular digital asset - but not if you're using iBase DAM. Our software has a diverse tolerance for fuzziness, the parameters of which can be easily set by your system administrator, to help making finding files even easier.

Geolocation search:

Another file search tool provided by DAM is geolocation, which allows you to locate files using geolocation data entered into a Google Maps-based search feature. You can customise this search by defining limits and location, and using custom categories.

Preventing the loss of files

Prevention is better than cure, they say, and that applies just as much to digital assets as to your health. Investing in sophisticated DAM software gives you secure, efficient and effective means of uploading, editing, storing and downloading your files.

It also provides a variety of other functions, such as sharing via social media, and providing cloud hosting for extra storage space. With DAM software in place, you never need to worry about lost or deleted files, and you can also enjoy a variety of other benefits, such as controlled access to those files.

Explore the benefits of DAM today

If you would like to get better acquainted with the advantages of DAM, here at iBase, we're here to help. To try out our software for yourself, get in touch today to arrange a one-to-one demo so you can discover what iBase DAM can do for you.

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