Modern companies have many systems that need to work in harmony to deliver a streamlined end product or service. This is ever more important as brands switch to digital processes to create influential content experiences. So, how can organisations optimise these avenues and overcome the challenges caused by utilising different systems?

DAM software has the ability to work with various systems within the digital space. It’s not just a stand-alone tool. So, let's delve into how it connects a company ecosystem to harmonise different tools and resources to deliver streamlined content and marketing campaigns.

Content management systems (CMS)

Your CMS is one of the most valuable resources, so integrating DAM into it is a natural step. Joining the two provides an accessible link to digital assets and saves time during upload. This also provides a consistent and reliable single source of data, and any recent files are updated to the latest versions to ensure everyone is on the same version.

Product information management and ecommerce

Product information management systems bring together all the information required to market and sell products. So, again, integrating DAM is an ideal step to streamlining the process. This link enables users to join digital assets to the relevant product and service content and builds a strong foundation for improving content experiences.

Digital experience platforms (DXP)

Digital experience platforms are a fresh way to capture the whole process of digital experiences from creation through to delivery. There are several options available for companies looking to enhance these areas, such as social media and email marketing.

But integrating DAM improves this process further. The interlinked systems allow sharing of digital assets to reduce the need to download and upload between the two, allowing seamless access to everything you need for your next project.

Marketing automation

Automating marketing processes has provided a significant leap forward for companies in recent years. No longer do typical tasks need to be completed manually – everything from email campaigns to social media marketing can be published at the click of a button.

DAM software supports this automation perfectly. Quick access to digital assets streamlines everything from creation to content approval. It also reduces errors as everyone has visibility and access to the latest assets for each campaign.

Design and creative processes

Incorporating DAM into the design and creative process allows this team to upload all digital assets in a central location. This reduces the risk of errors or inconsistencies with data and speeds things up so individuals can concentrate on designing rather than admin.

Project management systems

Project management systems are a vital resource for aligning workflows and outcomes. With DAM integration, you have a direct link to relevant and up-to-date digital assets to speed up processes without the need to log into different tools

Integrate DAM software into your business systems with iBase

iBase DAM software is the perfect tool that integrates with a host of well-known ecommerce, project management, CMS and automation software. To find out how it could streamline your digital ecosystem, contact us for a free demo.

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