As providers of an innovative digital asset management platform, we’re not shy about revealing the benefits for companies who reap the rewards of our software. Better productivity, improved consistency and huge time savings are all among the advantages. But what about businesses that don’t use digital asset management?

In a world where digital advances are coming thick and fast, companies who haven’t made the move to a DAM system could be at risk of falling behind the competition. Read on as we take a closer look…


If you had to sum up DAM in one overarching benefit, many people would put it down to productivity. By properly organising your files and making them easy to retrieve, share and edit, DAM allows all kinds of businesses to work smarter and faster.

That’s backed up by an Adobe survey, which found that productivity rose by 10% or more by a whopping 97% for businesses using DAM. On average, productivity increased by 34%, meaning that businesses without it are around a third less productive. That lost time will really stack up over the days, weeks and months.


It’s well known that DAM helps users improve consistency across the board. Brand guides can be created, updated, shared and accessed by every employee. Communication becomes seamless with work easily exchanged and accessed by different teams and departments. And the latest versions of logos, documents and advertising images are always on hand.

This clear advantage to DAM users becomes a disadvantage for those without the software. The more consistent other companies’ work and brand images become, the more your business could stand out for small errors. Unfortunately, the result is simply for customers to jump ship, especially when your competitors are doing a better job.


Did you know DAM increases revenue by an average of 24%? 79% of organisations using the software saw an increase of at least 10%, while over 1 in 5 saw revenue jump by more than 40%. This is simply a result of DAM helping them work more efficiently and improve results for clients. In turn, this makes them more likely to return to them, not to mention recommend them to more customers.

While sub-rate productivity and consistency might be easier to sweep under the carpet, there’s no hiding from a lack of revenue at your business. If competitors are using DAM to bring more money into their business, it means whatever they’re doing is better. Unfortunately, that’s an undeniable sign that your company is falling behind.

What are you waiting for?

As more and more businesses turn to DAM software to manage their assets effectively, it’s moving from an optional extra to a business essential. If you want to keep up rather than falling behind, it’s time to try it for yourself.

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