When you’re constantly creating, storing, retrieving and editing different files, digital asset management (DAM) becomes central to what you do as a business, charity or other organisation. With that in mind, it’s only natural that you want to do it better. In this post, we’ll look at four tips that can help you do exactly that…

1. Choose the right system

First of all, it’s important that you’re equipped with the right DAM system. Above all else, the system needs to be completely secure, but also scalable – so there’s no need to migrate assets as you grow.

Your software should also have a range of features for metadata tagging, asset retrieval and migrating your data in the first place.

2. Plan your taxonomy

To make asset retrieval easier, the way assets are stored and organised needs to be consistent. Taxonomy refers to a system of categorisation which can be planned and agreed upon prior to the uploading and organisation of assets.

To create an effective taxonomy, you should review all your assets and create a list of different categories your system will need. This will ensure the terms used to tag files are consistent. Rather than using ‘marketing’ and ‘advertising’, for example, you will stick with an agreed keyword and use it across the board.

    3. Access across the board

    When you’re using a DAM system, it can be tempting to give access only to those who need it most. However, it will soon become apparent that almost every employee in every department requires access in some form or another.

    Another tip for better asset management is to provide access across the board within your organisation. You can then set up specific permissions and roles for those employees to control who can upload, view and edit different assets or metadata fields.

    4. Integrate your DAM

    So many DAM systems are used to manage online stores, image libraries and even digital museum exhibitions. But are you doing so in the most effective way? Rather than using the DAM system to manually manage your site, you can integrate your DAM within the site itself.

    From automatic licencing and purchasing to the instant delivery of purchased assets, there are a range of benefits when integrating DAM and ecommerce. The end result is a better user experience and more time saved on your end, so your team can focus on what they do best.

    Improve your asset management

    iBase is committed to helping organisations better manage their digital assets. As well as providing advice like the tips above, we offer quick and easy online training for our DAM software.

    Customers can simply click on a link to enter a conference call, where we’ll walk you through specific features or assist with any asset management challenges you’re facing. It’s a great way to refresh your working knowledge of DAM or get new staff acquainted with the system.

    We take the same hassle-free approach for potential customers who want to find out more about our software too. Contact us today to arrange a free one-to-one demo of iBase with our experts.

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