Most businesses accumulate many digital assets throughout the years. From imagery to documents, these files take up valuable space, which could also cost your company additional storage capacity fees. It can be challenging to organise these important elements of your brand. But doing so offers several benefits.

So how many digital assets are too many? If you’re struggling with this issue, below we cover what could be the root cause and how to resolve your storage problems.

Issues with having too many digital assets

Difficulty finding files

If you’re looking for specific files and it takes you ages to scout out the right ones, it’s possible you have too many saved in your hub. There’s also the problem of files saved under similar names and not organised effectively, which will stop you sourcing the relevant assets.


Having several copies of the same files always presents an issue for storage. Duplicates are a top reason why storage gets filled up, as many people they can’t get rid of older versions because they may need to go back to them.

Storage limits exceeded

Another key sign that you have too many digital assets is you’re reaching the storage capacity or close to exceeding it. At this point, it’s an ideal time to organise and archive files.

Storage fees

If your company has avoided organising and archiving digital assets, you may find your storage fees creeping up to deal with the excess capacity needed. Evaluating prices and understanding why you need additional space is essential to avoid high cloud storage costs.

What you can do to organise and minimise asset storage

Archive digital assets

While it’s not the most favoured task, regular archiving is a top priority for digital assets. Instead of leaving it to build up, take time in the schedule to do it little and often to avoid files that are no longer needed taking up valuable space. For example, our post - Help! I’ve Reached a Limit for Asset Management explains ways to manage your storage.

Utilising digital asset management software

Alternatively, you may not have an excessive amount of digital assets – you could be just using the wrong type of digital asset management software for your business needs. For example, if you use Dropbox or Google Drive, these resources aren’t tailored to digital asset management. The standard folder and sub-folder set-up don’t allow simple search and organisation. However, switching to bespoke digital asset management (DAM) software can help.

DAM software can resolve all the issues mentioned above with everything from easy organisation of files to tagging and sharing efficiently. This system also avoids duplicates, so you have up-to-date assets available to everyone that needs them, so there are fewer inaccuracies.

Do you need help with digital asset management?

If you find you need more storage or, in fact, there’s a bottleneck in your file organisation and archiving, DAM software can help. It’s easy to use, cost-effective, and ultimately frees up time when searching for the right files for your branding needs. Want to learn more? Book a free demo with our team today.

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