Content is key for any business. It’s what makes up the majority of your website, social media pages, advertisements and even product packaging. For such a small, seemingly simple word, it certainly covers a wide range of media.

In this post, we’ll help you get better acquainted with nine different types of content.

1. Web content

Web content refers to the text and images featured on the main pages of your website. That includes the home page, about page, service pages, category pages and landing pages

2. Blog posts

While they are accessed through your site, blog posts are often seen as a separate form of content. They’re primarily made up of text, but can also feature images or even videos to break up and complement the text.

3. Email content

Email content is whatever you include in your newsletters or email communications. It can range from a letter-like text-only format to multimedia emails with glitzy graphics and embedded videos.

4. Social media content

Characterised by being short and snappy, social media content includes small snippets of written content alongside images or videos to catch the attention of your target audience as they scroll.

5. Product content

Featured on your website’s product pages, this one is all about the sell. Product photos, explainer videos and feature-rich product descriptions are the order of the day.

6. Infographics

A blend of ‘information’ and ‘graphic’, infographics are fact-rich images which guide users through statistics and figures with a common theme. The graphic itself is usually used to complement the facts being presented.

7. Videos

While videos can be embedded on various channels, they are also a distinct type of content in their own right. Video content can be used to explain a product’s benefits, instruct customers how products or services work, document client testimonials, train staff or just introduce your company and brand values.

8. Print advertising

Of course, not everything is online. Images and written content are highly important for a vast array of physical adverts from print marketing materials like leaflets and business cards to billboards and newspaper ads.

9. Packaging content

Similar to the above is the content on your packaging. Comprising text and images (such as logos and other graphics) this content is responsible for catching potential customers’ eyes and concisely summarising your product’s selling points.

Behind all great content…

From blog posts to explainer videos, all of the different types of content start with digital assets. That could be a text file which describes your product for packaging and a web page, or a logo which adorns everything from print ads and business cards to videos and social media posts.

At iBase, we provide purpose-built digital asset management software which makes it quick and easy to store, organise and retrieve the assets you need, when you need them. With our help, you can make content creation a breeze and get more back from the time and money you invest.

To find out more, simply contact our team who can provide a one-to-one demonstration.

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