If you have invested in digital asset management (DAM) software in a bid to make your company more effective, there are a few questions you should be asking yourself about the quality of the software you have purchased.

While investing in DAM is generally a great idea, choosing the wrong software could actually have the opposite effect you were hoping for, and could even potentially waste both time and money.

To help you avoid those kinds of difficulties, here are some questions you should be asking yourself about your DAM software, so you can be sure you've made the right choice.

Does your DAM meet your company's needs?

The first and most important question is whether or not the software you have chosen is actually meeting your requirements and helping your employees work more effectively with less hassle.

The right DAM system will make everything easier, from uploading and editing files, to sharing them across departments. If the software you are using is inefficient or has some technical issues, this effectiveness will be compromised.

As a result, it's worth calling a meeting with your employees to get their feedback on how the DAM is working for them and whether or not they have run into any serious problems while using it. If many employees are unhappy or uncomfortable with the software, and avoiding using it as a result, you may need to consider switching.

What type of digital assets are you managing with your software?

There are a wide variety of digital assets you can manage using DAM software, including documents, images, and video clips, many of which will come in different formats too. Some DAM software is designed to cope better with a particular type of asset, while other software systems are more multifunctional. It goes without saying that you should have the software that is best suited to the types of assets your business regularly handles.

Are you getting enough support?

DAM software providers should ideally provide your organisation with plenty of support, as well as initial training to make sure your employees are confident with the new system. If your provider isn't offering you enough assistance, and if your staff are struggling to adapt to the software, it could be time to switch and find a more helpful provider who will give you plenty of support along the way.

Can you easily and securely share your digital assets?

Whether you are collaborating with other departments within your company, or need to share files with external users, good-quality DAM software should allow you to easily but safely enable access to the required assets. It should also allow you to easily post files on social media accounts, if need be. At the same time, your software should provide high levels of security, so you can always be sure your vital data is protected.

iBase DAM - the one-stop-shop for all your digital asset management needs

If you're considering switching software, or if you are still pondering which DAM to go for, our cutting-edge iBase DAM software offers a holistic, multifunctional solution that is guaranteed to make managing your assets a piece of cake. Get in touch to find out more with a one-to-one demo to see for yourself.

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