If you are wondering why so many users click on your website, only to leave it in after mere seconds, we are going to explain some of the most common causes. After all, it’s important to understand where your website is going wrong. That way, you can then make the appropriate modifications and provide a more satisfactory experience for your visitors, so they’ll be keen to stick around!

It’s too slow to load

This is the biggest problem many website users complain about. According to insight from the BBC, 10 percent of users leave for every additional second a page takes to load.

Shockingly, the longest most people are prepared to wait for a site to load is only around 3 or 4 seconds. If your site isn’t loading in that time, it’s likely they are going to close it and head elsewhere.

Shabby lay-out

These days, people are accustomed to glossy, high-quality, and easy-to-use websites with a clear menu and eye-catching content, including text and images. If your website looks dated or very basic, it will struggle to hold your visitors’ attention and entice them to explore further. They are also more likely to leave if your menu of contents is confusing or difficult to find.

Substandard content

If your website has poor-quality images and videos, or badly written content, users will leave in a flash. You should always make sure your website has the highest standard of content you can provide – and when it comes to the text, making sure your content is SEO optimised will help your site climb up the Google rankings and potentially reach a wider audience.

Not compatible with mobiles

More and more people now browse through websites on their mobile phones, rather than on a laptop or PC. If your website is not mobile-friendly, this could be another reason why you are losing your visitors, as they will become impatient with your poorly optimised site and head off in search of a better one.

How to ensure your users stick around

In order to attract new users to your site and, most importantly, keep them there, you’ll need to address the issues we have mentioned above. In other words, you need to invest some time, effort, and expertise in the construction of your website to improve its look and the way it functions.

There are a number of techniques and tools you can use to do this, including implementing caches and a CDN to speed up your site’s loading and processing times, and optimising your digital assets to the optimum resolution so they will look their best without slowing things down. This entails finding the ideal file type and size for your images and video content, so they will load more easily and maintain a good resolution. Check out our helpful blog on how to do this!

To make optimising your digital assets easier – not to mention cataloguing, editing, sharing, and securing them – why not consider investing in sophisticated DAM software? Get in touch with a member of our friendly and knowledgeable team to find out more about how DAM can help you with a free one-to-one demo.

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