Remote working is becoming more and more popular nowadays, with 7 in 10 people working remotely at least once a week. With good reason too. It has a range of potential benefits for both employees and businesses.

If you use digital asset management (DAM) software in your day-to-day business, perhaps you’re finding it useful as a one-stop storage system for all of your files. But did you know that DAM can accomplish so much more than that

Read on to discover some of the most impressive features your DAM software possesses, so you can start using them today and ensure that you’re making the most of your sophisticated new technology.

Convenient collaboration

As well as comfortably storing and categorising all of your digital assets, your DAM software can also help you share them easily and securely. For one thing, you will have complete control over who can access your files (not to mention who can view, edit and download them).

DAM systems can also allow you to easily collect and share a selection of assets, whether with an internal or external collaborator. You will also be able to post your chosen assets on social media sites, choosing which file version to share.

Advanced search functions

One of the most convenient and time-saving aspects of a high-quality DAM platform is the various search tools it possesses. From ‘fuzzy searching’ to quick searches and even advanced field searches – it’s never been easier to find the right asset when you need it.

Superlative organisation

If you haven’t explored all of the options your DAM affords when it comes to organising and categorising your assets, it’s time to start familiarising yourself with the tools you have available.

For instance, DAM software allows you to seamlessly upload and edit digital assets in various versions – from images to video files – and you can assign a preferred number of metadata fields to these files to help you store them most effectively. The metadata fields you use can include dates, currencies, text, and numbers. Hierarchical keywords can also be used to allow for structured searches.

To make things even easier, your DAM software will allow you to edit your assets either individually or as a batch.

Effortless ecommerce

Did you know that DAM can help you with your ecommerce requirements, allowing you to easily monetise your assets and receive payment for their usage?

As well as giving you the choice of rights-managed or royalty-free assets, you can also integrate with various payment platforms, from PayPal to WorldPay and Secure Trading, so you can receive your payments with ease.

Instant online delivery of your assets is also available, so your customers won’t have to wait to receive their purchase; they can simply download it straight away.

Take your DAM use to new heights

As you can see, there are so many helpful innovations your DAM software brings to the table, so if you have only been using a limited selection of its functions, why not branch out and make the most of all your platform has to offer?

Not only will it make your business even easier to manage, but it will also save you valuable time and provide effortless collaboration – both with your employees and with your external partners.

Want to find out more about the myriad features of DAM? Arrange a one-to-one demo with our team today.

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