Are you currently using an on-premises digital asset management (DAM) system for all of your important files? While this kind of platform certainly has its benefits, transferring to a cloud-based DAM could bring you even more advantages. Read on to find out five important benefits of switching your assets to a cloud-based DAM.

1. Convenience

More and more companies are switching to cloud-based DAM these days, and one of the main reasons behind this is how much more convenient it is not to mention cheap. Because the platform is cloud-based, it doesn't require any new infrastructure when you first set it up, and there will also be no need for ongoing maintenance, as this will all be carried out by your DAM provider. In addition, cloud-based DAM gives you the freedom to only pay for how much you are using, potentially saving you large sums of money in the long run.

2. Effortless access

Because your DAM is cloud-based, you and your employees can access the platform with ease from anywhere in the world all you need is a web browser and a secure connection to the Internet. This provides a whole new level of freedom, which is particularly sought after in this new era of hybrid and remote working.

3. Seamless updates

When an on-premises DAM platform needs to be updated, this can sometimes be an inconvenient undertaking, as it requires a period of 'downtime' which needs to be scheduled in advance during a period when the system is not being heavily used. Cloud-based DAM systems update automatically during their maintenance periods, so you will never have to worry that your platform is not always up to date.

4. Scalability

Another key benefit of cloud-based DAM is its scalability, which makes it a firm favourite with smaller businesses, or those with limited budgets. This scalability means that you can start off with a more basic software solution, in line with your initial requirements, that doesn't require a hefty investment you may not be able to make at the time. Then, over time, as your business grows, your cloud-based DAM can grow along with you and your budget.

5. High security

One reason why some businesses may be a little reluctant to switch to cloud-based DAM is fears over security. In fact, cloud-based DAM solutions can be as – or even more – secure, with strict measures in place to prevent any breaches. While these security measures will be enforced by your vendor, you will also have your part to play when it comes to choosing who receives permission to access your digital assets.

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