When you’re comparing digital asset management packages – or DAM packages for short – you might come across the phrase SaaS. For some, this unfamiliar term can be enough to make them close the window and stop researching altogether.

However, it’s important to get a good understanding of what it means so you can make sure you’re investing in the right solution for your requirements. Read on as we take the mystery out of SaaS for DAM.

What is SaaS?

In short, SaaS stands for software as a service or software as a solution. Whichever variation you prefer, it means the software is provided to you as a subscription rather than an upfront investment.

Traditionally with software, you will make an upfront purchase then install and run it yourself. In contrast, SaaS provides the whole thing as an ongoing service (or solution), which includes use of the software along with hosting and in many cases support.

What does it mean for DAM?

Put simply, DAM is one of the many kinds of software which can be purchased as a service. Again, traditionally you might have purchased DAM software before setting it up on your own servers and managing it internally.

However, with DAM SaaS or DAM as a service, you pay a subscription fee – weekly, monthly or annually depending on your provider – and get the whole thing hosted too. Many providers will also include expert support and even training to help you make the most of your software.

The benefits of DAM as a service

While this model has only been around for a few years, it’s already becoming a serious rival to standard software packages. With good reason too. Here are some of the benefits of DAM as a service…


The inclusion of hosting is particularly beneficial with DAM software given that it’s used to manage an array of assets which require a huge amount of storage space. The internal servers needed to store this number of large files would be pretty costly to purchase and run.


It’s also worth considering how your asset requirements could change – in most cases increasing. With DAM SaaS, you can pay for whatever amount of storage space you need and change your package as and when required. This is much easier than it would be to replace or upgrade physical servers if you need to store more assets.

Easy to use

Most SaaS packages give you access to expert support and even training. This is particularly valuable when it comes to DAM as the software is packed full of innovative features that can transform the way you work. Having expert support on hand also provides peace of mind that you won’t have to spend hours figuring out how to do something or fix a problem.


Security is paramount for digital assets. Not just to protect the value of those assets, but in many cases to protect the sensitive information of your business, employees or customers. With DAM as a service, you can rest assured your assets will be protected by the latest security that’s used by your provider – of course this is always worth checking with providers before signing up.

Everything you need from DAM as a service

At iBase, we provide our feature-rich DAM software as a service, including hosting, expert support and specialist training. Prices are based on the amount of storage space you need, to make sure you’re always getting the best deal for your requirements.

Rest assured, if you have your own powerful servers and IT support staff, we also offer an on-premises solution with the same great functionality. Want to find out more about DAM SaaS or on-premises packages? Don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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