Organising and storing digital assets can be an overwhelming task. Content is produced as quickly as it can be stored, and you may have come to the conclusion that a centralised digital solution makes sense for your company. So, where do you begin?

Digital asset management (DAM) software can meet your immediate needs as well as your long-term aims. When considering which type of DAM software will work for you, it is important to take an audit of your current business processes and what your needs are.

Read on as we look at five key questions when comparing DAM software…

1.   What does it need to do for the business?

Becoming more efficient is a top priority for all businesses. However, it can look different to each company, depending on their specific processes. Make sure that your team has discussed what needs improving or changed, so it is clear what you need DAM software to do.

2. Who'll need access to the software?

It is important to know this, as you will need to put security measures in place for the appropriate people. Members of your different teams will need access to unified digital content to work on brand consistency. But working with internal stakeholders or external parties such as freelancers will mean that not everyone has the same permissions.

3.  What type of assets do you need to manage?

Different types of assets include, videos, images, audio files, and documents. They are all likely to come in different formats, so be aware of this when choosing your new DAM software. Some solutions are better suited to images in comparison toothers, for example.

4.  What will the software be replacing?

Think about your current storage system and its effectiveness. What has it been missing? DAM software can streamline all your existing processes and make essential improvements.

5.  Differentiate between wants and needs

DAM software comes with a wide range of impressive features. So much so, that you can get distracted from what would benefit your specific business. It is important to stay focused on the requirements that you can’t compromise on.

For example,

  • Is the server suitable for your organisation?
  • Is there the option of a tailored interface?
  • Is it scalable?

iBase – the easy solution to your DAM requirements

The choice of DAM solution software is a varied one. Options range from basic, small-scale management processes to multi-module solutions. When comparing DAM software, it is easy to fall down the online rabbit hole of search engines. But what’s most important is that your choice of software meets your needs – not those of a comparison site.

At iBase, we can tailor our feature-rich software to create the right DAM solution for your business. Our friendly team will listen to your needs and ensure you get the right system to streamline your assets. Contact us today to book a free one-to-one demo.

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