If you are interested in finding new ways to organise, share, store, and manage your company’s digital assets, then arguably the best way is to invest in sophisticated digital asset management (DAM) software.

Unfamiliar with DAM and what it entails? Read on for five helpful examples of what DAM is and can do, and find out how it can revolutionise your brand.

1. Effortless editing

When you implement DAM software, you will immediately find that the editing you need to do to your metadata becomes a great deal easier, granting you such options as quick and easy single item edit, as well as the ability to batch edit whole pages. You can also alter your metadata schema to be as simple or as complex as you require. Hierarchical keywords and geolocation data can also be used and assigned to particular files if required.

2. Easy uploading

Need to upload new files? It’s as easy as dragging them onto your browser, when you use DAM! In fact, you can drag and drop multiple files, or even whole folders, with the utmost ease, and your DAM system will then make multiple versions of these files so you can use them with different applications. Any metadata these files come with will also be imported directly into the system for safekeeping.

3. Searching made simple

One of the biggest time wasters when it comes to running a business is caused by employees being unable to find the correct file when they need it. With a sophisticated DAM system, this frustrating process becomes instantly much faster and more efficient. For an urgently needed file, you can simply use the Quick Search option. Alternatively, you can use other helpful tools such as fuzzy searching – for files that may have different spellings, while the Field Search option can be used for more specific searches.

4. A secure foundation for your assets

One of the prime concerns of any business is, of course, the security of its digital assets. A high-quality DAM system will offer a sophisticated security model that not only ensures the tightest levels of control over who can access your files but can also provide an audit log to record all activity.

5. Share your assets with the right people

Being able to share files – both internally and externally – is essential for the smooth operation of your business. DAM makes sharing a breeze, offering a variety of helpful sharing options that still manage to offer the highest level of security. These include email collections with encoded links for external collaborators, and individual file or folder check-out.

Start your DAM journey today

As you can see, DAM offers a range of benefits to any business and is guaranteed to save you both time and money, while simultaneously providing a secure and effective foundation for all of your digital assets. To find out more about how DAM can help your brand, specifically, don’t hesitate to contact a member of our friendly and experienced team, and consider arranging a one-to-one demo to witness DAM in action.

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