Growth is the goal of practically all business owners. More clients or customers, more publicity, more revenue and more development are added to your company. But unless you have a solid marketing strategy, a growing business can also bring more people, more data, more procedures, and more complications.

Having a marketing technology or MarTech stack is a significant tool in streamlining your processes and supporting your marketing goals. In turn, that will help you focus growth on all the right areas. Read on to find out more about this process.

What exactly is a MarTech stack?

A marketing technology stack describes the software and technology used by marketing teams to attract and retain customers. It is able to streamline and automate processes that will save a lot of time for users. Also, marketers can use these tools to analyse what has been successful, allowing them to focus on what works.

Benefits of a marketing technology stack

  • Customer engagement – businesses can focus on and engage with their customers better, using data from a MarTech stack.
  • Improved efficiency – MarTech stacks can help to automate tasks, saving time and giving increased productivity.
  • Reduced costs – your business can save money on staff time by automating tasks and saving costs.
  • Greater flexibility – using a MarTech stack gives flexibility as it evolves as your business grows and changes.

What should your MarTech stack include?

Your MarTech stack is about what your organisation looks like, who it reaches and what your budget is able to develop, maintain and grow. To begin with, the basic components that should go into a MarTech stack are:

  • Email marketing platform – software that will allow you to create and manage email marketing campaigns.
  • SEO tools – search engine optimisation resources can help you reach the right consumers.
  • Social media monitoring – using technology that monitors social media platforms is essential in your advertising strategy, as many have paid advertising options.
  • Content management system – a tool that helps you create and build a website.
  • Tools to analyse data – to enable you to make informed marketing decisions.
  • Advertising technology – to help attract and retain new customers/clients.
  • Digital asset management (DAM) software – software that centralises your files, providing a place for them to be stored, organised and shared. Everyone in your team will be working from the same information in your library. DAM links up with your content management system, marketing automation, and social media management.

Why DAM should be a part of your MarTech stack

Your digital asset management (DAM) system will streamline everything that uses your digital assets. It is a sophisticated solution that can organise, find and share any type of files. This will lead naturally to a smoother working environment, saving money, time and producing better results.

Marketing content can be stored in a DAM system to provide all company departments with the clear vision for your business. It is an excellent way of communicating information, as well as giving you confidence that employees are able to find and share whatever they need from one centralised system.

If you’d like to add a digital asset management system to your MarTech stack, please don’t hesitate to contact iBase. Our team will provide a one-to-one demo to show you how our software can help with your specific challenges and requirements.

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